YouTube has become an outlet for many people who are looking to get exposure and make some money on the side, while they’re at it. Just like any other media service, YouTube now has multiple categories you can choose from if you have some time to spare and you’re thinking of watching a video. One of these is humor.

While not all content creators that are funny are comedians, some of them are pretty good at what they do, and that’s why they will manage to get a smile out of you even if you’re going through a rather rough period of your life. In this article, we’ll look at some of the funniest ones we came across while doing our research so that you don’t need to look for them by yourself.



Although he doesn’t have humor that’s well-taken by everyone, PewDiePie is definitely one of the funniest and most popular YouTubers out there. Some of his videos were taken down in the past for being controversial, but what he did doesn’t even compare to what Logan Paul did last year.

He’s a Swedish video producer and comedian that’s under 30 of age. Even if he is that young, he has acquired over 60 million subscribers on YouTube. He has a series where you can watch him play computer and video games.



This YouTuber comes from Hawaii but now lives in Las Vegas, where he makes his videos and works on his comedy career.

He started making videos back in 2006 just for fun, but once they began making lip-sync videos to some of the most popular songs of that time, the channel became comedic in the true sense of the word. One of his most popular videos is ‘Nice Guys’, which has amassed more than seventy million views.


Jenna Marbles

One of the more intelligent YouTubers out there, Jenna Marbles is a blogger, comedian, YT personality, as well as vlogger. She is a really funny person, and that can be seen in one of her most popular videos, ‘How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking.’

She now has over eighteen million subscribers, and she has become extremely popular for speaking out about women’s issues. She has two dogs that she loves and often showcases in her videos.



Lilly Singh began shooting videos back in 2010 just for fun. She struggled with depression while she was a student and since she didn’t want to live the rather traditional life path she seemed to be on, she turned to YouTube and started creating content that allowed her to be herself.

She makes people laugh and is genuine, and that’s what has made her very popular over time. She has over fourteen million subscribers, and her videos revolve around gender and ethnic stereotypes.



Whether you know them from Facebook where they recently started posting their videos or from YouTube, CollegeHumor is a group of people that make videos that are extremely funny and sometimes cringeworthy to watch. Because a lot of their content can be deemed as inappropriate, you can’t watch it if you are under the age of 18.


Hannah Hart

So here’s a YouTuber whose humor you might actually understand and enjoy. This lady gets drunk and tries to cook, and that has most likely happened to each of us at least once (maybe while we were tipsy, not drunk) in our lives.

It’s pretty clear that the videos you’ll see on Hannah’s channel are funny since she’s pretty messy, but she also creates content that can be a little more serious, too. While we’re on the same topic, we might as well mention another YouTuber that seems to make similar videos to those of Hannah Hart’s – Mamrie Hart.


Machaizelli Kahey

This comedy vlogger has acquired a following of over 1.2 million people and that’s because he makes funny how-to guru and parody videos that you have to see. He’s strange, funny, and very loud, and he’ll most likely manage to make you laugh. One of his most popular videos is one where he reacts to anti-gay commercials.

Thug Notes by Wisecrack

Thug Notes is a series specially developed for people who like to read but have zero time to browse through the summaries or synopses of multiple books.

The person that tells the story of each book is a funny African American man, but he’s mostly funny because he speaks as if he were talking to one of his homies, not to the whole Internet. The use of colloquialisms combined with the baroque background music and funny animations make this series one to watch.


Rhett & Link

These two have a channel called ‘Good Mythical Morning’ where they make videos just about anything from Thanksgiving to weird foods that they try so that you don’t have to. What makes Rhett and Link funny is that they’re two genuine individuals just like you and me.

Their reactions are authentic, and since they try some of the most disgusting stuff ever to have seen the light of day, they’ll definitely make you laugh. Their videos are also available on Facebook, in case you don’t want to watch YouTube for some reason.


Tripp and Tyler

The duo makes sketches with a playful look at manners, life, and office etiquette, and since their videos are quite popular, it’s a good chance you might have seen Tripp and Tyler’s clips before.

Check out ‘Conference Call in Real Life’ if you really want to laugh and if you’ve ever tried to talk with a colleague or your boss via Skype before.