If you’re a movie buff and all you need after a hard day’s work is to watch a good movie with your dear one, you might want to check our list of funny movies that will help you renew your energy through healthy peals of laughter. Browse our choices for your next session of fun.


What We Do In The Shadows

If you’re into comedy movies that combine dark humor, smart lines and great performance, What We Do In The Shadows is a must-see. Approaching the over-popular theme of vampires in a documentary-like manner, this motion picture is ridiculously entertaining from beginning to ending.

Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s mockumentary depicts the life of a group of vampires living in New Zealand in an imaginative way many of today’s Hollywood comedies fail at achieving. The cast, the scenario, the performance as well as the intelligently built mockery that’s present in every scene, décor, and line make this movie a must-watch.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

We thought a top 10 of funny movies is not complete without this fine motion picture. The movie’s director, Wes Anderson, has come to be appreciated and seen as one of the most original directors of today’s movie industry. This film is a proof of that.

The memorable visual gags and witty lines together with the fine cast including names such as Ralph Fiennes, Jude Law, Bill Murray, and Saoirse Ronan have created what has come to be regarded as Anderson’s funniest movie, just about all the reasons you need to make it part of your movie schedule.


Four Lions

If you have a penchant for black comedies, you might want to try the side-splittingly hilarious Four Lions. Telling the story of a group of would-be suicide bombers building their strategy and plans for an attack, the movie gets its applause thanks to the fantastic screenplay Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, and Chris Morris created and the great performance of the actors involved.

This is the sort of movie that gets you laughing more and more as the plot gets more dangerous. The way the director captured the foolishness of many of the film’s characters, the inspired jokes and the well-built characters create a witty hilarity you should not miss out.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

If you’re a buff of Stanley Kubrick’s vision and directing style or you’re just beginning to explore the director’s works, you might want to try his first comedy, a movie that turned out to be the finest black comedic satire the cinematic industry ever produced.

Based on the 1958 thriller novel Red Alert by Peter Bryant, Dr. Strangelove is a remarkable and highly-acclaimed film thanks to Kubrick’s outstanding writing and filmmaking as well as to Peter Sellers’ amazing performance, improvisation, and flexibility to play different roles within the same movie.


City Lights

If classic movies are the ones that suit your preferences best and you’re looking for a classic comedy, you might as well start with one of the masterpieces in this field, City Lights by Charlie Chaplin. The movie tells the story of a tramp falling in love with a beautiful blind flower girl whom he wants to help to see again.

The movie is regarded as one of the finest in the film history, a masterpiece appreciated by well-known personalities such as Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, and Albert Einstein. It is funny, sweet, and profound at the same time, all these dimensions being rendered in the beautiful way of classics.


Bringing Up Baby

Another option when it comes to the sweet classic black and white movies is Howard Hawks’ Bringing Up Baby starring Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and Virginia Walker. Made in 1938, or the golden years of Hollywood, the movie tells the story of a love affair spiced up by all sorts of hilarious mishaps.

The screenplay, the performance of the great actors included in the cast and Hawks’ directing style have triggered the appreciation of cinephiles all over the world and, thus, turned the movie into what is now known as one of the all-time best comedies.


Some Like It Hot

You can’t skip this movie when building your comedy list. Mentioned as the best American comedy in the AFI list, Wilder’s Some Like It Hot is an incredible experience thanks to the screenplay, the cast, and the iconic characters and dialogues created.

The movie tells the story of two musicians who, due to some unfortunate circumstances they have been witnesses to, need to pretend to be two girls playing in a band going on a Miami tour. The hilarity of the movie is further accentuated by the character played by Marilyn Monroe with whom the two fall in love. Find out the way it ends by adding this movie to your list.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

If you’re more into recent comedies yet not the ones mainstream audiences go for, you might want to try the Coen brothers’ O Brother, Where Art Thou?. It is a unique combination of witty dialogues, a fresh scenario, and the remarkable performance of George Clooney, John Goodman, and John Turturro.

Add a killer soundtrack to all that and you get one of the finest movies the Coens have produced as well as all the ingredients you need for a comedy you can add to your favorite list.



And back to good old classics. Next time you feel like a comedy should be the one playing, you might want to try Ernst Lubitsch’s Ninotchka for a great story and great performers such as Greta Garbo and Melvyn Douglas.

The four Oscar nominations are proof of the quality of the screenplay, the terrific performances of the two of the greatest actors and the directing style and hallmark of Ernst Lubitsch. All the reasons to end up your day watching it.


Shaun of the Dead

Considered by many a film that should be taught to film students, Shaun of the Dead is a skillfully directed movie that combines elements of a zombie horror motion picture and a romantic comedy. The final result is regarded as a cinematic comedy genius.

Generous in visual gags, the movie is built on a snappy script with memorable lines. The hilarity of the visuals created is enhanced by the well-chosen tunes. Moreover, the movie doesn’t go too long without some memorable joke.