Usually, Secret Santa is organized for people to have some fun. People tend to choose funny gifts for the name on their piece of paper, in order to make the present exchange more interesting and pleasurable.

However, sometimes it may be very hard to find the perfect funny gift because we all have a different concept about funny things. It may be amusing to you, but not to the others – or vice-versa. This is why we have decided to help you by making a list of the funniest Secret Santa gifts.


“What do you meme?”

Do you remember “Cards Against Humanity”? Well, “What do you meme?” is a type of game that combines this one with the memes of the Internet, which, we all know, people laugh at every single day of their lives. They are the new Internet hits.

Just imagine how funny it would be to buy someone such a present and how funny it would be if he or she invited you and the rest of your group to play. Your stomach will hurt because of laughter.



“The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm”

There is always a person in the team that is ironic or sarcastic. “The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm” may be the perfect gift for him or her to improve their skills. It will be at the same time funny and useful, don’t you think?

(And, of course, he or she will definitely laugh at you after they get to read that book. You may regret buying such a gift, but, let’s face it – it’s still funny!)


A potato

We remember a situation in which a man gave a woman a potato as a Secret Santa gift. It was big, well tied up and it even had a nice ribbon. The woman was amazed when she saw the gift because she did not know what was inside it. After that, she opened it and saw a potato.

We laughed at it half a year after that. Of course, this is not a real gift, you can buy something besides it, but it is a good start because everyone will definitely have a great time when they see such a Christmas present.


Bacon Body Wash

Have you written on a piece of paper the name of that unique individual in your group that absolutely loves bacon? Can you imagine that there is a shower gel that smells like bacon? Wouldn’t it be the perfect gift?

Moreover, there is also bacon-flavored toothpaste, which will make it even better for a gift.

Of course, the rest of the group will hate you after that because all your office will smell like bacon, but, why not?


Educational Books

We all know that Christmas gifts for women are very hard to find. However, we have a very good one if the woman you have to give a present to has a cat at home.

“Test Your Cat’s Creative Intelligence” is an educational book for a cat lover who wants to see how intelligent their pet is. You can also write on the book something like: “I really understand how much you care about your kitten. This is for you to have a better conversation with your cat”. Wouldn’t it be funny?



A boyfriend pillow

Well, this one may hurt someone, but if you know that the person you are supposed to buy a gift for understands jokes and does not get mad because of them, you can definitely buy a boyfriend pillow. Of course, this is only for the ones that do not have a boyfriend!

Just imagine that the one who gets the pillow brings it every day at work to have a boyfriend there. It will make everyone’s day better, we bet!


Spicy sweets

There are sweets that are as spicy as Piri-Piri is. Of course, no one will know about this. You can just tell them that these are special sweets that have a unique taste.

Just be sure that the individual you are offering them to does not have a problem with their stomach because he or she will definitely get mad at you. Opt for such a present for someone who likes spicy food and let him or her enjoy the surprise!


Drinking game

We have found this amazing game called “Drink your words” which may be the funniest thing to do at your party. The idea is to put something tasty in one of the available shot glasses and say something silly while chewing.

If your team gets what you said, the other team has to drink the shots. If your team doesn’t, all the shots are for you.


Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Beans

We are almost sure that you have heard about this. If not, there are moments in the “Harry Potter” movies in which the protagonist together with his friends try these beans which have different flavors. The interesting thing about this is that there are beans that taste awful.

There are beans that taste like banana, marshmallow or cherries, but also those that have the flavor of dirt, wax or a rotten egg. You can do it together: randomly pick a bean and taste the surprise (and keep an eye on your friend’s face!).


“My first magic set”

Is your friend a magic addict? You can buy him or her a magic set. There are sets that let the owner perform up to 20 magic tricks! Your friend can even go to “America’s Got Talent”, can’t he/she?

Of course, he or she will definitely use the “tricks” to get on your nerves, but don’t let yourself down, you just wanted to help your buddy!

Naturally, you can use your imagination and combine some of the gifts listed above, but make sure that your friend won’t get mad at you. Some may not understand the joke and feel offended.