Someone told us that you were looking for the best-paid jobs. It is fine, we have all been there, we all need money, we have to pay for something every single day of our lives and, of course, we want to have more money! Who doesn’t?

However, finding a well-paid job is a tough process. It is well-known that nowadays the wages are not as we expect them to be. Still, if you are curious about professions that enjoy generous paychecks, we can give you some answers. This is a top we made of 10 high-paid jobs in the USA.


  1. Doctors

Medicine is, basically, the best-paid field of work. Those that earn the most money are the doctors, surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists, obstetricians or family doctors. The reason is clear. Everyone gets sick once in a while. Everyone has to see the dentist at least once a year. Have you ever encountered a woman who has not seen the gynecologist before getting pregnant? Don’t think so! Not only do people visit doctors, but also go for further analyses.

Nevertheless, it does not come for free. People spend approximately 12 years to become specialists. You can have a really nice salary if you work in the field of medicine. Of course, this is not only about money. Saving lifes may be a good way to make your life better, too!


  1. Chief Executive Officers

Well, if you want to live a high life enjoying one of the best paychecks, you can strive to become a chief executive officer. For all of that, we have to tell you that this job carries a lot of responsibilities with it. Working with personal data is a risky job. You may get fired at the smallest mistake with no chance to get back in business.

It is a stressful job, but if you stick to details, if you are attentive and patient, you may succeed. You may really live the life of Jordan Belfort!


  1. Airline-related jobs

Besides being high paid jobs, those related to airlines – flight engineers, pilots, co-pilots, are also interesting to study and, after that, to put in practice. You can travel practically everywhere, have fun and do what you like to do.

A flight engineer is a person who offers navigation guidance with the help of the plane’s instruments. Then, the pilot and the co-pilot are those who navigate and fly the plane.


  1. Petroleum Engineers

Here comes an interesting job, which, no, does not consist of installing gas ranges, as youmay think! A person who works in the field of extracting oil and gas from beneath the surface of the ground by developing and designing methods of doing this, is called a petroleum engineer.  It is a job with a future since it is said that the number of the employees will increase by up to 15% until 2026.

However, the salary depends on the price of the oil and gas and, of course, also depends on the demands for both of them.

  1. Marketing Managers

Being a marketing manager is a perfect opportunity for you to develop your creative skills, as well as the organizational ones. Every single industry nowadays needs a marketing manager in order to keep their products active and let the people know everything about them. Moreover, the content has to be attractive and, of course, original. No one pays attention to out of date advertisements.

A marketing manager may work in any field, starting with Arts and ending with Electronics. However, the salary depends on the industry but the difference is not big. So, as long as you do what you like to do and promote the things that you enjoy to promote, you will definitely have a higher wage.


  1. Lawyers

Being a lawyer is a tough job, since he/she needs patience and empathy. And, of course, lawyers have to have an indisputable strength of character and be able to call things by their name. Moreover, the number of jobs in this area is constantly increasing, so you will have a great chance to be hired if you decide to become a lawyer.


  1. Chemical engineers

Those who construct, design, and develop the industrial processes involved in the production of different products are called chemical engineers. As well as petroleum engineers, they can also work in the industry of oil and gas, but they can also take part in the production of energy, pharmaceuticals or toiletries.

Their activity may vary from researching and developing new products to designing new plants. It is an enjoyable job to have, especially if chemistry is on your interest list.

  1. Statisticians

Statisticians are very important when talking about data. They are the ones that, through mathematical techniques, analyze large volumes of data. If you plan to become a statistician, we would recommend you to specialize in just a field, since you will work with large amounts of data and there is a bigger chance to become an expert this way rather than working in different industries.

The industries in which a statistician can easily find a job are the following ones — healthcare, government, and manufacturing.


  1. Computer information systems managers

Nowadays, computers do more than people. We cannot live without them. We work on them, watch movies, play games, even read books on laptops. Thus, a job in this industry is a job with plenty of perspective. That being said, it is clear that almost every company uses computers to process and preserve the data.

A computer information systems manager is a person who has the responsibility to coordinate and check all the activities which are related to computers. Again, this is not a simple job, but it is worth it. The salary is directly proportional to the work.


  1. Telecommunications technicians

Believe it or not, this is also a very high paid job. Remember those individuals who came to your house when you were little and climbed on your rooftop to reach wires, cables or any other things related to them? Well, those individuals were telecommunications technicians. This is what they do. They have to deal with installing various types of equipment and they may go to certain places in order to do their jobs.

If a telecommunications technician is promoted, he/she will work with more complicated equipment, but may also teach or lead a team.