If you thought that you knew your favorite artist, music band or music genre well, we could assure you that there were still some weird things left to find out. This is why we have selected 10 of the weirdest facts about the music world and have shared them with you. Let’s get lost in the world of sounds — you will definitely not waste your time with these.


Left-handers and right-handers

We bet all of us tried to write with our left hand if we were right-handers and vice-versa. It didn’t work well, did it? Well, this is the moment to reveal the unimaginable truth about some famous singers.

Mark Knopfler, Noel Gallagher, and Gary Moore are the guitarists who write with their left hand but perfectly play guitar with their right hand. Remember Coldplay?

Chris Martin is able to play guitar with his right hand, but he always writes with the left one. And, finally, Jimi Hendrix, one of the most famous musicians who played the guitar with his left hand had never written with the right one.




At first sight, it may seem that musical instruments like guitars are best-selling around the world. However, the recorded sales data have different results.

Do you remember Neil Young and his song “Old Man” that has great parts being played by the artist using an instrument called “harmonica”? Yes, this is the best-selling musical instrument in the whole world.

Maybe it is also due to the fact that children like this particular instrument so much? They can easily use it just by blowing. Just imagine how interesting it might be for them to blow and hear sounds because of that. We bet 9 of 10 families have a harmonica at home if they have a kid.



You may wonder why a violin is one of the few musical instruments that can really touch your heart. It is not just because of the artist or because of the strings.

It is also because good violins are made of over 70 pieces of wood. It may sound strange, but when we hear a violin, we can really feel the nature in its sounds, don’t you feel that?

It may be hard to learn to play the violin, but just imagine how hard it is to create one! These men or women are really great masters!


Music leak

You cannot even imagine how far producers can go when it comes to preventing a music leak, because it may compromise the whole outcome of a song. Well, remember Taylor Swift? If you do, then you certainly remember “Shake It Off”.

When the video for this song was shot, the producers performed a metal music “concert” outside the place the video was being made, so that the others did not hear the song before it got released. And, of course, the song was a great success.


Mozart – a cat

Be prepared, this one will definitely blow your mind. Do you know Mozart? Of course you do, and we all know Mozart – the genius. Well, the weirdest fact about Mozart is that he liked to pretend that he was a cat.

During rehearsals, he used to climb over chairs and meow. We bet you have just imagined such a moment.




We believe that all of us have tried, at least once in our lives, to speak as many words per minute as we can. However, few of us have reached a big number.

NoClue is the man who is able to rap 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds. We doubt that we could really understand any of these syllables, but this is an amazing skill! He is the fastest rapper in the whole world. Now we bet you will definitely go perform a YouTube search.


“Smells Like Teen Spirit”

One of the greatest music hits of all times, Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is still at the top of many song lists nowadays.

Have you ever thought that the name of the song came from the name of a deodorant?

It is interesting that some of the most famous things in the whole world were named after simple, ordinary things (like deodorants).


Beard without a beard

ZZ Top is a great music band who released amazing hits like “Blue Jean Blues” or “Waitin’ for the Bus”. If you’ve ever watched their videos or concerts, you clearly remember the long beards of the artists.

Paradoxically enough, the only person in the band who does not have a beard is named Frank Beard. We wonder if they were aware of this. Maybe they really did not notice the coincidence. This would make the fact even more interesting.


“Crazy Frog”

The “Crazy Frog” song was definitely playing on all our phones, on all our TVs back in the day, because it was a great hit.

Dancers were even setting up choreographies for this song. Some of us still listen to it today, because, without a doubt, it was a bomb-song. Believe it or not, it even became the “Number One” hit in Australia in 2005.


Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain thought he was an alien. He even confessed it to a journalist called Michael Azerrad in an interview. He thought that his mother found him after he was left by a spaceship in this world. He affirmed that he was always talking to his real parents in the skies: when trying to fall asleep, when using a water flosser, when eating. He actually said it was fun for him to do this.

These are just some of the weirdest facts in music history; there are definitely more that will blow your mind, because, we all know, artists have a different way of thinking and seeing the world. Appearances are of great importance, but the things that they really hide deep inside themselves are the ones that count.

Even if these are weird facts that maybe changed your opinion about the artists, it is essential to realize that these particular things make the musicians special and unique. This weirdness is the thing that a lot of contemporary artists lack.