The world is a weird place, and we have said it more than once. As we evolve, we tend to create new things in an attempt to make our lives better. But, while some inventions are considered real breakthroughs, others are doomed to perish in the slums of time.

Join us for an unbelievable adventure as we explore some of the weirdest inventions that ever existed.

Let’s begin by stating that the 19th century was very intense in terms of inventions and technology. Alexander Graham Bell is credited as the inventor of the telephone, the device that changed the way we communicate forever.

And, while his creation led to the development of the telecommunication technology and the later invention of the smartphone, other innovations like the group shaving machine should remain in the past and never be brought up again.


  1. The group shaving machine

Before Gillette revolutionized the way men shave, people had to go to the barbershop to have their beards trimmed. So it seemed like a pretty good idea to invent a device that performed the operation on an entire group of men at once.

The main reason it didn’t work was that the machine was incapable of adjusting to each man’s face contour, becoming quite dangerous too.


  1. An automatic tip requester

Invented in the 1950s by Russell Oakes, this device was supposed to revolutionize the industry of hotel bellhops. It aimed to determine clients to tip more for special requests at the hotel and, whenever a person wouldn’t offer enough money, the device would say “No Sale.” Do we really have to explain why this didn’t stick?

  1. The ice baby-carrying device

Yes, this was actually a thing at the beginning of the 20th century. Invented in the 1930s by hockey player Jack Milford, the carrying device had to be attached on both the parents and would allow them to carry their baby while ice skating.

Nowadays we just don’t bring our babies on the ice or we use regular wraps if we want to exercise during the winter time.


  1. The all-terrain car

It seems like the 1930s were some good years to come up with weird inventions that didn’t stick. We could blame it on the recession years or the fact that the world was about to go to war for the second time in just a few decades, but we’re glad some inventions were perfected over the years to become real things in the present.

In 1936 an all-terrain car was created that featured many wheels and was supposed to descend slopes and climb mountains.

Although the original invention was hard to control and came with a terrible design, the idea of having a vehicle to help you travel in all weather and terrain conditions stuck. Hence, we can now enjoy a wide array of off-road vehicles and even the popular monster trucks in North America.


  1. Snow protectors

A few months before the beginning of the World War II, the Canadians were facing one of their many heavy winters, so they felt the need to step up their game in the fashion industry. And what better way to do that if not with a brand new pair of shields?

Unfortunately, the original snow protectors were mere plastic cones that you would put over your face to protect yourself from the heavy snow storms. Since they covered your eyes as well, it was pretty hard to see once you started breathing in them. Apart from that, they were slightly big and uncomfortable to wear in the long term.


  1. The coffee mug iron

Moving forward to the 21st century, you should know that nowadays you can buy anything on the Internet. And, by that, we really mean anything, including a small iron that uses the heat from your coffee to get rid of your wrinkled clothes.

In fact, this invention is not bad at all since you practically kill two birds with one stone. First, you use the mug for its original purpose to serve coffee from it, and then you place it on the surface of your wrinkled shirt or pants and start using it as a regular iron.


  1. The Roller Buggy

We live in the century of speed, and most of us rush from one place to another in a futile attempt to finish all our tasks and chores for the day. And while most mothers have to run daily errands and still look after their kids, someone thought it would be a great idea to invent a hybrid device to allow mothers to move faster from point A to B.

The weird device combines the convenience of a scooter with a real stroller for the ultimate traveling experience alongside your baby. So why not remember your skatepark days while also enjoying a walk with your infant?

  1. Hairy stockings

We’re not sure why we included this invention in our list, but you should definitely know it exists. Just as many weird and absolutely useless inventions, the hairy stockings first appeared in China and are designed to make girls look less appealing to potential predators and offenders.

And while we get that this is an alternative safety measure for whenever you’re traveling alone at night, we would encourage you to stick to more conventional self-defense weapons such as pepper sprays or guns if you happen to live in North America.


  1. The ping pong door

The item seems like it was specifically invented for lonely people who don’t have too many friends in their lives. However, it does receive points for being convenient and creative. You can replace any door of your house with the ping pong one and practice your moves without requiring an opponent.

Although weird at the beginning, this cool invention could prove helpful for teenagers or college people living in dorms whenever they don’t have access to a streaming player or other modern forms of entertainment.


  1. Pizza scissors

There is no denying that Americans have a cult for pizza even greater than the Italians who actually invented it. So, it comes as no surprise that there would be an entire industry living off the people’s wish of enjoying a delicious slice of pizza.

But why would you go the extra mile to come up with a new way of cutting your favorite dish when there is already a dozen other similar products? Perhaps if you order the pizza scissors, you will let us know.