Have you ever wondered what the weirdest phobias in the world are? Read this article, and you will find out the top 10!


”Nomophobia” – the fear of being without cell phone battery or network coverage

It seems that, nowadays, cell phones have become vital. We panic every time when we don’t feel the gadget in our pocket, or we don’t find it in the bag, but in some cases, the situation is even more serious.

More and more people are developing ”Nomophobia,” an affection defined as the fear of not having network coverage or cell phone battery. Discovered recently, the phobia has great emotional impact and symptoms similar to a panic attack. The treatment includes psychological therapy and medication like Tranylcypromine and Clonazepam.


”Venustraphobia” – the fear of beautiful women

As unbelievable as it might seem, some men will never date a beautiful woman. These guys feel traumatized whenever a pretty girl is near them, not to mention if they have to talk to her. This doesn’t happen because men are shy, but because they have a bizarre phobia called ”Venustraphobia” or ”Caligynephobia.”

According to specialists, the affection can be caused by failures in previous interaction with beautiful women and low self-esteem. If you want to talk to a beautiful woman again, you’d better work on fixing the image you have about yourself!

”Omphalophobia” – the fear of navels (belly buttons)

It is said that the belly button is our body’s central point. We know that, through it, every baby gets nutrients while it’s in the mother’s body. If it’s that important, how can some people be afraid of it?

Well, it seems that there are individuals out there who are extremely scared of seeing or touching their navel and that of other. They have an unusual fear called ”Omphalophobia.” The symptoms appear every time someone lays a hand on their belly button: anxiety, nausea, crying, accelerated heartbeats. The affection can be cured by psychological therapy.


”Papaphobia” – the fear of the Pope

As unusual as this may seem, there are people who are afraid of…the Pope! How weird is that, since the Vatican representative is a symbol of peace and love? Even in this situation, some citizens have a hard time going to the Church because they fear the Pope and that the saints might harm them.

Specialists say that ”Papaphobia” can be caused by the fact that the person who experiences it has an inner problem with the authority associated with the Holy Father’s image. The fear can be cured by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.


”Somniphobia” – the fear of falling asleep

Most people use the night ”to recharge their batteries” after a tiring day; good sleep helps you find a solution to an important problem. Unfortunately, for some people, the night is not a good adviser, since these folks comprise an excessive and irrational fear of sleep.

Studies show that this situation occurs because of a medical condition called ”Somniphobia.” Those who have it associate going to bed with death, the feeling of losing control or having nightmares. Others think that sleeping means lost time. The phobia can be cured by therapy with an accredited sleep expert.


 ”Coulrophobia” – the fear of clowns

Clowns are among the most popular characters at children’s parties. While some people consider them very funny, others are really scared when they see one.

Children and adults who are afraid of clowns suffer from ”Coulrophobia,” and it seems that the reason could be the evil face-painted character from comics and movies (for example, the Joker from Batman).

Apparently, the phobia is very common, because even celebrities like Johnny Depp or Daniel Radcliffe have it. Specialists recommend psychological therapy for curing it.


”Heliophobia” – the fear of sunlight

”Heliophobia” is a rare condition. Those who have it can be considered modern vampires because they are afraid of going out in the sun; they’re also wary of bright lights. Every time he or she is under the sunlight, a ”heliophobic” will experience symptoms associated with panic attacks and anxiety.

Experts say that the fear is connected with the damage that can be caused by the sun. However, avoiding the sun is not good for our health, because the lack of vitamin D affects our bones, so people who suffer from ”Heliophobia” should follow cognitive behavioral therapy and support groups.


”Ablutophobia” – the fear of washing and taking baths

People who suffer from ”Ablutophobia” are afraid of washing their hands, having showers and taking baths. Usually, children resent baths and this is quite a problem for their parents, but there are some ”Ablutophobic” adults as well.

Although these people skip showers as much as possible, the body can preserve the good bacteria and natural oils that protect the skin. However, the affection is serious, because it can ruin your social life and even your health, so in case you are terrified of washing, you’d better not forget to use deodorant!


”Neophobia” – the fear of new things

Most people want change in their lives and to experience as much as possible. On the other hand, there are some individuals who reside change because they suffer from ”Neophobia”. The affection defines the irrational and intense fear of new experiences.

As you can imagine, this leads to an unhappy life, because sufferers feel that they lived for nothing and they don’t trust their capacity of defying their limits. The condition can have a negative impact on the general well-being, and the stress caused by it shortens life expectancy.


”Phobophobia” – the fear of phobias

As crazy as it seems, there are people who are afraid of being scared of something. This is the weirdest phobia of all, and it’s called ”Phobophobia.” Imagine how it would be to live your life thinking that you could fear something at a certain time, even if right now you aren’t fearful of anything! Wouldn’t that be stressful?