Even if you might be an avid traveler and have traveled around the world for some time, there’s plenty enough left for you to gaze at. Nowadays, most so-called travelers pick just famous cities, where technology is the keyword, and stroll around with no care. But that’s something you shouldn’t do if you want to see the world’s most amazing places. And when amazing is mentioned, weird comes in as well.

Let’s jump straight into this selection of some of the weirdest places on Earth.


  1. The Plain of Jars, in Laos

The Xieng Khouang Province of Laos is home to nothing else than jars made out of stone. However, these jars are not the size you’d expect them to come in. They are a megalithic monument and are placed in groups across the province. They may be found either solitary on in a group of one hundred.

While legends tell that they were used to provide the giants with rice wine, it is more likely that they had a sort of purpose in funeral ceremonies that were performed in ancient times.


  1. Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia

This is the place where you can walk on clouds. Still, that can only happen when a small amount of water gathers above the surface of the largest salt pan in the world. When this happens, it becomes so reflective that it looks just like a huge mirror, stretching in the distance, making it unable for you to see the horizon.

It makes you feel just like you were among the clouds – a surreal experience. Just imagine bringing a massage table on this salt pan/mirror and experiencing a massage like you would above the clouds.

  1. Turkmenistan’s Door to Hell

To answer what’s probably your first question when being confronted with the name of this weird place: no, it does not lead anywhere. The Door to Hell was opened – so to say – over 40 years ago when Soviet troops decided to lit up a gas field. Imagine their surprise when it all started burning and it wouldn’t stop.

The door is up and burning ever since and offers one of the greatest views that include fire – because we couldn’t just gaze at a building that’s being burnt to ashes.


  1. The Petrifying Lake Natron, Tanzania

This is the easiest way something – or someone – could turn into stone, or at least into a mummy. Lake Natron, because of the sodium bicarbonate that’s present in it in abundance, will proceed to the calcification of every animal that decides to go on a swim in it.

Talking about weird places on Earth? What’s weirder than a lake that is able to turn almost every living being into stone?


  1. Antarctica’s Blood Falls

Even though it might look like it, nobody is constantly pouring blood in a certain reservoir so that this waterfall would exist. That would alert the authorities instantly. Instead, the presence of a lot of iron oxide is the reason why there’s blood pouring from inside the white fields of snow and ice. It mixes with the saltwater here and the result resembles pretty much that one scene from The Shining – it involves blood, in case you don’t know it.


  1. Slope Point, in New Zealand

If you thought that your hometown has the fiercest winds during storms – then you are wrong. New Zealand’s Slope Point is a forest like no other because it is twisted the entire year. Because of the Antarctic gusts that blow with such intensity over this area, the trees here look like they are permanently exposed to the most brutal wind in the world.

  1. The Great Garbage Patch of the Pacific Ocean

Yup, this one’s weird enough – weird because most of us still haven’t realized how much of a bad effect on nature we have. The Garbage Patch is exactly what its name says: a place where all of the debris, trash, and sludge gather and even covering up big parts of the sand they land on. In time, this might turn into the world’s first island of trash – weird and sad at the same time.


  1. Sea of Stars, Vadhoo Island, Maldives

If you’ve been at the beach, you probably remember those evenings where you sat there and watched the reflection of the stars in the water. There might have been some windy times and their reflection would vanish or become unclear for some minutes and then you just wanted to see more of it.

Well, the Maldive’s Sea of Stars is the place you literally want to look at. Here, plenty of bioluminescent sea plankton gathers close to the water’s surface, and it is even pushed to the water that’s close to shore. This results in bright blue water that shines – just as if someone poured the sky into the sea.


  1. Finland’s Sentinels of the Arctic

Trees that look like they are permanently windblown have been mentioned. Now it’s time for trees that have been twisted by snows. The Sentinels of the Arctic is a natural formation that’s covered in snow with bumps and even small towers that emerge from it. Only that those are not towers, but trees that have experienced a climate of -40 degrees and have been covered with snow until they have become a part of the white fields.


  1. The Crooked Forest, in Poland

Since trees and forests have been mentioned two times already, let’s give this top ten yet another weird place on earth that involves the aforementioned. The trees of this forest in Poland look just like crooks that are placed upside down.

It offers a sight worth of a horror movie or a fantasy one at least. What’s even weirder is that, even at this moment, there is absolutely no scientific explanation to why the trees are like this. Just avoid foggy mornings if you happen to be there – it looks terrifying.