In case you ever thought of practicing a sport – for fun and for your daily dose of exercise -, but you also wanted something weird and exciting enough, then you’ve reached the right place. Playing a normal sport makes it hard for you to achieve popularity, if that’s what you seek, because of the high number of people that play them.

But, with this top ten of weird sports to be played in the world, you are sure to find the one you like the most and start playing it right now.


  1. Sheep Counting

Let’s start off with something that doesn’t require that much physical effort, but with something that puts your mind – and numbers – to a test. This Australian sport puts you up to sheep counting. This may sound easy, but wait to find out the rest.

In order to be the very best, all you have to do is guess the number of sheep that will be running on a field before your eyes. And when it comes to numbers, around 400 sheep are released and let to free roam for the sport to begin. It may drive you nuts, but it will surely improve the rate at which you count sheep when trying to fall asleep.

  1. Ferret-Legging

This one is for those that want some adrenaline to be pumped in their veins – and down their pants as well. If you’ve ever encountered a ferret and managed to startle it, you know that it doesn’t react so well. It will lunge for an attack, and try to bite and scratch you.

While you can run when facing a ferret in the wilderness, you can’t run when there’s a few of them down your pants, with the bottom and the belt all tied up. Well, you could practically run off, but that would startle them even more. Think you can make it? The current world record is of five hours and thirty minutes of withstanding ferret fury.


  1. Quidditch

It is as simple as you know it. Watching Harry Potter as a child has probably made you want to have the opportunity to catch the Golden Snitch. Well, now you have the chance to do that – but remember that it’s a ball you have to catch, not a Snitch, sadly. Usually played on a hockey field, also called Muggle Quidditch, this bears a lot of similarities with other sports that involve balls.

The only thing that’s different – and quite necessary – is that you have to have a broom between your legs at all times. We can’t fly on brooms but we can at least pretend to for the love of the game.


  1. Chessboxing

If you want to train your mind as well as your body, this sport is perfect for you. As soon as you enter the boxing ring, you will be welcomed by eleven alternate rounds of chess and boxing.

Sharpen your mind and make the best moves to capture the opponent’s king, and the put away all of the chess pieces and start throwing fists to knock down your opponent. Seems quite easy, right? Well, the matter here is how one could handle another round of chess after some serious blows to the head.


  1. Wife Carrying

There probably were times when your wife wanted to come jogging with you or join you at the gym – when you just wanted some peace and quiet with your favorite music playing in the headphones. But if she still demands to accompany you, there’s one easy way to get her off your back.

And that’s by doing just the opposite. Gently grab your wife, place her carefully on your back and start running through the obstacle course of this Finland-based sport. There’s also a substantial prize for the men that get to the finish – with the wife still on their backs, of course. You can win five times her weight in cash, but we think most men out there would prefer her weight in beer – which is just as good and offered as a prize to the winner.

  1. Hockey – but Underwater!

Invented in the United Kingdom in 1954, underwater hockey – which is basically just moving a game of hockey underwater – is the sport you want to choose if you want to improve your swimming skills and take part in a competitive sport as well.

And since there’s no coach to shout at you – since you are underwater – you can just plug in your earbud headphones for sports under your diving helmet and enjoy your favorite music, as well. Just make sure they’re waterproof, and wireless – or else, listening to music is highly unlikely to happen.


  1. Extreme Ironing

This one has got to be the funniest and the weirdest sport out there. If you ever felt that ironing your shirt before work in your bedroom is just way too casual and boring, you now have an alternative. Find your preferred dangerous location, take your ironing board, your iron – and a power cable, you’ll need it -, and the shirt you want to be pressed in high adrenaline conditions and just iron your way to victory.

As easy as that – get a well-pressed shirt and some adrenaline in those veins with this crazy sport.


  1. Yukigassen

You wouldn’t expect a huge winter show-off to have a World Championship every single year. But that’s what Yukigassen – translated as snow battle – has. This sport gathers up two teams of seven players on a snow-filled field. With over 90 snowballs being carefully made before the match begins, you won’t waste any time taking cover to make them.


  1. Dog Surfing

You have trained your dog for many years, and now he or she is able to do some of the most advanced tricks on the list. What’s left for you, a surfer passionate, to do? Simple, get your dog on the board with you, and while you handle the surfing, the pet will handle the tricks. The crowd is sure to be entertained by this weird sport.


  1. Cheese Rolling

This has to be yet another sport that’s on the high ranks of the weirdest sports out there. You take a very steep hill, a large cheese wheel and a group of people that are down to chasing – and eventually catching – the cheese that’s rapidly going downhill. Watching this weird sport happen is probably one of the funniest things you could do – but why not take part in it?