Although we are facing a global addiction when it comes to smartphones, we cannot deny the utility of these devices. From bringing friends closer to paying your bills, shopping or even staying in contact with your clients, phones are a necessary vice in our times.

So, if you’re constantly looking for new ways to spend even more time looking down at your screen, we came up with a list of 10 weird apps you can actually download and enjoy, on your own risk.


  1. S.M.T.H.

Send Me To Heaven might be one of those terrifying apps for people obsessed with their phones. If you always need to have the latest model or iPhone or Note, this app might make you cringe.

So what do you have to do? Just throw your phone up in the air, and it will calculate the height of the throw. You can also challenge your friends to see which one of you throws his or her phone higher but, again, at your own risk. It’s probably not the best choice for those standing hours in line to get the latest gadget.

  1. Demotivational pics

Do you feel like you’re too cheerful lately and life has been treating you exceptionally? If you’re having trouble finding your way back to sorrow, deception, and lies, this app is exactly what you need. Just like the name suggests, it will provide just the right amount of demotivational pictures that will bring to light your inner emo.

In other words, you’ll go back to your moody and troubled teenage years where everything sucked, and the world didn’t understand you.


  1. Fake Call

Are you going to a lot of dates and kiss a lot of frogs hoping your prince will come along eventually? Some of the dates could get awkward, so we suggest you always have a contingency plan. The Fake Call app is not entirely a waste of memory on your phone because it could get you out of embarrassing situations.

With this app, you can get fake texts, initiate fake calls, and even pre-record a whole conversation with yourself to sound exactly as if you were on the phone with someone else.


  1. Run Pee

Movies without popcorn and soda are inconceivable to many of us, but what do you do if you have to go to the bathroom right in the middle of the action? If you have a small bladder but still don’t want to miss any fun from the movie, the Run Pee app comes at your service.

It will tell you exactly what are the moments you can go to the loo during a movie, so you’ll never miss an interesting scene. We find it quite useful especially for families with small children.


  1. iBeer Free

You want to go out for a beer but don’t have the money for it? Fear not as this app is specifically designed for you. It will turn your phone screen into a pint of beer you can enjoy each moment of the day without worrying about your breath or driver’s license. Once you finish the beer, you’ll even hear a burp. This app is only funny for underage kids.


  1. iFrenchkiss

Do you question your kissing skills and don’t have someone to practice with? You probably already guessed what this weird and quite unsanitary app for your smartphone does. It comes with a real kissing analysis engine that will help you improve your skills and technique.

This app sounds like the digital version of those who used to kiss mirrors or windows when growing up to practice their techniques. The only difference is that you now receive some guidance to help you improve.

  1. Fake battery

It seems like for each solution offered we can figure out a problem that fits the scenario. Are you tired of sharing your phone with your kids and having them play on it for countless hours? Just install this app, and it will show you on the screen a message saying you only have 1% battery and you need to connect your charger right away.

This is a pretty ingenious method to keep away peeping eyes and be the only one who enjoys the content of your phone.


  1. Ghost Radar Ultimate

Who said you could only enjoy Halloween once a year? For those indulging in horror movies and creepy stories, Halloween can be celebrated every day. The Ghost Radar Ultimate claims it can detect paranormal activity occurring nearby and thus, help you find ghosts and spirits faster.

We’re not entirely sure how it works or how accurate it is, but you’re free to try it and let us know what you think. It could prove a cool tool to have around if you’re trying to connect with old spirits or spook your friends.


  1. I Am Rich Premium

Are you on top of the food chain and feel like you didn’t brag enough about your accomplishments? Are you a successful business person or a very rich one who still feels the need to be the most important one in the room? The I Am Rich Premium app gives you that sense of importance and superiority you are longing for.

The app doesn’t do anything, but it costs $400 to download and have it on your phone screen. If you already solved world hunger, global warming, and found enough water for all elephants, you can spend the remaining money on downloading this app and showing it to your less-rich and less-important friends.


  1. The Bored Little Button

You have a button in the middle of the screen. Don’t push the button. If you ignore the signs and still feel the urge to push the button, you’ll get various funny quotes and graphics that tell you what will happen the next time you push the button.

The only thing remotely funny about this app is the infinite number of answers and funny graphics you’ll get by actually pushing the button. Still pointless at the end of the day.