The Lone Star state might not be among the kitchen sink states where separate property has to be distributed between spouses in the case of a divorce, but it has its fair share of crazy laws. Here are weirdest ones, and be aware of them, if you ever happen to visit Texas.


Let your God be known before you run for office

Texas is known for its traditions, so it should surprise no one that religion still plays an important part in people’s lives here. However, it looks as if the conservative state is taking baby steps in the direction of admitting the existence of multiple religions and religious beliefs.

One good example would be that anyone, regardless of their religious conviction, can run for an office position in the state, but there is one provision that they must abide by. If you intend to occupy a public function, you should at least admit that there is a supreme being, which means that atheists are excluded from the get-go.


There is an official program for weather control

Many people might not know what Texans know, but they are clearly up to something here. One of the laws in effect states that grants can be offered to political divisions that will try to modify the weather and control it.

Truth be told, Texas is a dry land most of the year, but such ambitions seem a bit odd. So far, it doesn’t look like anyone has managed to come up with a reliable plan for changing the weather.

It is illegal to own more than six dildos

The complete text of the law would make even the more libertine of Texans blush, as it gets into graphic depictions of the definition of the word ‘obscene’ that you might only find in erotica fiction like 50 Shades of Grey.

According to the law in question, owning more than six dildos puts you in a perilous position, because you can be accused of trying to promote an obscene lifestyle. Why was the number six chosen? No one knows.


You can marry even if you’re not present at your wedding

Compared to other Texan laws that might sound completely out of whack, this one makes a little sense. While it can be considered unorthodox to marry one person and say your vows to another sent in your soon-to-be spouse’s stead, it can be done in Texas.

This law was considered a way to allow people in the military stationed outside the US borders to get married to their chosen ones, even if they are not yet on leave. Talking about how impatient some people can get when it comes to weddings!


No flirty hands and eyes in San Antonio

Prudish would be too small a word to explain this law. In San Antonio, you are not allowed to use your eyes or hands to signal your interest in another person. And don’t even think to say in front of the judge that you were provoked and not the first person to start this flirtatious game.

If you respond, you are considered just as guilty. So if you ever go to San Antonio, keep your hands and eyes to yourself!


Don’t litter from a plane over Galveston

Most probably the people in this Texan town were getting tired of tidying up after each airplane passing through their aerial space. It could be the only reason why such a law came to pass. If you are on an airplane, and you feel like throwing stuff, wait until you’re out of the danger zone. Any objects qualify as littering, so be aware.


In Harker Heights, don’t swear in church

Common sense and your momma’s teachings should be enough to prevent you from doing this, but, apparently, in Harker Heights, there must be a law that explicitly says that you should keep from swearing during the sermon.

Most probably, some of the parishioners in this small Texas town of only a little over 26,000 inhabitants used to have quite a loose tongue, if such a law had to be instated.


Mind your sipping beer habits in LeFors

Even the rules that don’t have statewide application are worthy of a mention in this selection of weird laws in Texas. LeFors has a reputation for giving Texas one of its strangest laws. Here, taking more than three sips from your beer while standing is much frowned upon.

So, you either choose to sit down, and have a beer as regular LeFors inhabitants do, or you take your beer and head back home. This law applies to all public areas, which means that you should indulge in such shenanigans only if you are 100% sure that no one can see you.

Don’t use model glue to get high

Recreational drugs certainly don’t have supporters in the Lone Star state, but Texan lawmakers went the extra mile to ensure that no one is capable of getting into such bad habits, without risking prosecution.

Inhaling model glue with the purpose of getting high is punished in Galveston, for instance. It is not clear what happens if someone sniffs the fumes produced by the glue, by accident. Be careful when you assemble that airplane kit you just bought online. You might get into serious trouble!


You can’t buy beer after midnight, on Sundays, in Houston

While drinking beer is probably a statewide sport, rules must be in place. So, if you’re planning to indulge in a cold bottle of beer on a Sunday night, hurry to buy it before midnight. If you missed your chance, there’s no problem. The regular beer selling resumes on Monday.

As you can see, this law can be interpreted as a measure against hangovers on Monday morning, when everyone gets back to work. Being hungover on Tuesday is entirely possible, though, if we were to interpret the entire law text to the letter.