If you ever thought that a rule is too strange to become reality, you haven’t seen anything yet! Next, you will find the ten weirdest laws from the U.S.


In Florida it is illegal to have sex with a porcupine

This law seems so useless that former U.S Senate candidate Bobbie Bean wanted to give up on it. As ridiculous as it may seem, you can’t help wondering what’s behind it. There were several lobbyists who supported the law, even if most locals thought it was a waste of time.

No information about the reasons for introducing this law was made public, but it’s common sense to wonder whoever would like to have sex with a porcupine. Since the law exists, maybe a lot of people suffered injuries during this activity.


In West Virginia, if you kill wildlife on the road, you can take it home for dinner

In West Virginia, people who accidentally hit and kill any wildlife with their cars or motor vehicles can take the dead animal home for dinner. The law says that if you want to do this, you can claim your ”victim” within twelve hours by submitting an application to the relevant law-enforcement agency. The legislators thought that in this way they can prevent the waste of animals killed on the road every day.

In Louisiana, it is considered illegal to send a surprise pizza

It is fun to send someone an unexpected pizza, but not if you live in Louisiana. In this state, the law forbids you to order any service for someone else if that person didn’t authorize it.

Also, you cannot surprise anyone who doesn’t live with you, if the item you are sending is not a gift, if the other has to pay for it or if you want to harass or annoy this person. The reasoning behind this law is that nobody should be obliged to pay for an unexpected or planned bill.


Washington D.C. states that it’s illegal to kill Bigfoot

Have you ever seen Bigfoot? If you did, you are among the lucky ones but remember not to kill it if you live in Washington. This state protects the creature; Skamania County declared that its’ boundaries are a refuge for Bigfoot.

Furthermore, you will commit murder if you kill the beast and the coroner declares that your victim is a hominid. Let’s hope that no Bigfoot haters meet him in Washington!


In South Carolina, minors are prohibited from playing pinball

Pinball is a pleasant activity for both children and adults, but it seems that in Palmetto, South Carolina, minors will no longer have the opportunity to play it. So far, people don’t know much about what might have caused the interdiction; maybe minors’ parents requested it to authorities.

Whatever the reasons, people under 18 are prohibited from playing Pinball. The law is kind of useless and already contested. The fact is that it would take a lot of time for the Police to go into every bar with Pinball machines and ask the players to show them the ID.


In Oregon, it is illegal to hunt in cemeteries

In case some Oregon resident is thinking about hunting in a cemetery, he should change his mind fast. The state has a law against this process.

The authorities take this matter seriously because they want to protect wildlife and if by any chance, you try to catch or hunt any bird or mammal in the cemetery, you commit a crime and will be judged for it. Remember that the rule applies to all wildlife species, anytime.


In Tennessee, you can’t participate in a duel if you are thinking about running for public office

The shocking part of this law is that in the 21st century, in the USA, people can still get involved in a duel, like back in the Middle Ages. Anyway, a person who wants to have a position in public office should demonstrate a strong personality and trust the law, whereas a duel means that you want to make your own justice.

The situation is clear enough, and nobody can defy the rule since the prohibition is mentioned in the state’s Constitution. If the public office is on your list of ideal working places, don’t challenge anyone to a duel and don’t accept any request!

In Wisconsin, it’s hard to see margarine unless you ask for it

Margarine is very common in many parts of the world, but it’s not something you can see in restaurants from Wisconsin unless you ask the waiter to bring it.

The fact is that the law prohibits the serving of margarine as a substitute for table butter in public eating places until the customer orders it. This can result from the authority’s intention to promote local dairy products.

Don’t think that you can cheat, because if you get caught, you can get a $500 fine and three months in jail.


The state of Indiana says that it’s illegal to sniff glue

This law is based on intention because if you smell glue with the intention of getting high, it means that you are breaking the law.

In case you are wondering, it is possible to use some types of glue as a drug because of the substances contained in it: toluene (contained by paint thinners), acetone (from nail polish remover) and Freon (can be found in air conditioning systems). Sniffing glue with the intention of getting high is a class B felony.


New Jersey has a law against wearing a bullet-proof vest while you commit a crime

New Jersey has a law against wearing a bullet-proof vest while attempting to commit a crime or being engaged in one.

In addition, the law states that you shouldn’t wear the vest in other cases also: if you commit murder, robbery, any type of assault, including sexual, kidnapping, criminal escape, manslaughter or burglary. Who would want to break the law twice in the same occasion?