It’s likely that every country in the world has at least a strange law that makes little to no sense, for foreigners, at least. There are places, though, that could be awarded for the weirdness of some of their laws. Although many of them are rarely enforced, they still deserve to be mentioned.


Potato rationing

People living in Western Australia are not allowed to own more than 110 lbs of potatoes at one time. Although it might sound like a lot of nonsense, the law actually tries to limit imports. Quite helpful if you want to lose some extra pounds.


Strict beverage time

If you intend to visit Thailand, learn that you can buy alcohol only during lunchtime (11-2 p.m.) or dinner (after 5 p.m.). Bars and restaurants make no exception. We guess you should seize those hours to fuel.


No chewing gum

Whether you like to chew a gum for the fun of it or for its various sweet flavors, you’ll have to give up that treat when visiting or living in Singapore. Gum and gum chewing have been banned in 1992. Still, there’s a small chance you can have it if you can prove it has a therapeutic value.

Let the strangers use your…toilet

Hospitality takes many shapes. An unusual one can be experienced in Scotland. The country has a law that says if strangers knock on your door and ask to use your toilet, you have to allow them to use it.


Ever thought of cheating? Think again!

Cheating is severely punished in Hong Kong. If a wife finds her husband cheating, she can simply kill him. There’s a law that allows a wife to do that as long as she uses her bare hands. So, a little affair might end up disastrously.


Death appointment…?

Whatever we thought of freedom, the laws in the French town of Sarpourenx want to redefine. An edict was issued to forbid people from dying within the limits of the town unless they’d already purchased a burial plot in the city cemetery. Every person who just dies without such a purchase will be severely punished.


Wife’s birthday

Can’t remember your wife’s birthday? A law in Samoa considers such memory mishaps a crime. And if you want some bonus points, you should show her that you remember not only by greeting her but also by getting her a gift.

Cowboys boots wanted? Cattle required!

In case you have a soft spot for cowboy boots but you live in Blythe, California, you need to show the authorities that you are a real cowboy and don’t wear those boots just to pose. According to one of their laws, you can wear cowboy boots only if you have at least two head of cattle. Next time you want to go out wearing those cool boots, make sure you show them the papers. Pardon, the cattle.


Responsibility for your partner’s actions

The “ I take you to be my lawfully wedded wife for better, for worse…” marriage vow is literally applied in Utah where a husband is held responsible for all his wife’s actions as long as he is with her when she performs them.


Reincarnation plans? Get permission!

If you’re a Buddhist monk in China and you plan to come back after you die and have another go-round at life in some form or another, you might as well take all the steps needed to make sure you do it lawfully. The totalitarian government has legislated that all monks are banned from reincarnating without the government’s express permission.