School rules work as a way to make sure that students are safe and to guarantee that order is in place. However, sometimes, schools have been known to come up with regulations that could be easily cataloged as weird. So, for your entertainment, we have composed a list of such rules that you might want to take a good look at.


German first graders receive a cone of toys

On their first day of school, German first graders receive a cone-shaped container that is filled with games for toddlers and sweets that is known as a “Schultüte.” This tradition is quite old, as the first documented report of a Schultüte dates back to 1817. In the early days, these cones were not merely given to the children. Instead, they were hung on a Schultüten-Baum, or a school cone tree and the children had to pick their own cone without causing it to break. The cone symbolizes the change in the social status.


Massachusetts banned bake sales

An easy way to teach children about giving is to organize a bake sale. Usually, an activity of this type aims at raising funds for a specific purpose, such as a charity. The main reason why bake sales are popular is the fact that school children learn how to do things on their own and because they get a first-hand experience at organizing such an event.

However, not too long ago, it has been reported that Massachusetts has banned such activities. The reason for this is linked to obesity. This decision was taken in an effort to prevent and to manage childhood obesity among school goers. Still, this choice was met with a wave of criticism.


Naps at school

If you love napping, this weird rule will bring a smile to your face. In China, it is not uncommon for students to be allowed to take thirty-minute naps every now and then. This practice is supported by the fact that, as studies have shown, naps improve memory, reasoning ability, and performance in schools.

As a plus, midday naps are also common in workplaces in China. If you want to get a look at how this works, we suggest that you go online and search for Sleeping Chinese, the name of the project that German photographer Bernd Hagemann has initiated. In his photos, Hagemann depicts various people sleeping in strange places and positions.

Ugg boots were banned in Pennsylvania

One of the most questionable fashion trends that won’t go away is Ugg boots. However, a school from Pennsylvania has decided to ban this type of boots for reasons that have nothing to do with fashion. According to the principal of Pottstown Middle School, its students used Ugg boots to sneak cell phones into the school. As expected, once the news hit the internet, parents and children alike were not happy with it.


Grinched – school in Texas banned Christmas

In an attempt to be politically correct, Nicholas Elementary School in Frisco has decided to ban Christmas celebrations as well as any other religious holidays. To be more exact, the school has decided not to allow the use of the colors green and red during the school winter party. Also, children were not allowed to use phrases such as “Merry Christmas”.

However, this rule was not here to stay. After the school’s decision was met with general outcry, the institution gave up on its decision.


France banned ketchup in schools

France banned ketchup in schools in an attempt to prevent its culture from losing its traditions and becoming too Americanized. As a result, children that study in France are not allowed to put ketchup on anything else than French fries. Moreover, this rule was also approved in order to prevent obesity among school children.


Japanese children say goodbye to good luck bracelets

As you know, Japan is a country that has a culture that is very rich in traditions and superstitions. Not too long ago, it has been announced that Japanese school goers were not permitted to wear good luck bracelets at school anymore, as they were said to bring too much good luck to the person wearing them.

Therefore, if one decides to wear a good look charm while taking a test in Japan, he/she can be accused of cheating!

Strict dress code for girls in Kentucky

A high schooler from Kentucky was sent home after she wore a piece of clothing that revealed her collarbone. According to the school, her outfit was violating the dress code, as it was too distracting to the male students.

As expected, the parents of the girl were frustrated with the school’s decision and decided to share their complaint with the rest of the internet. As a result, a petition has been launched to change the dress code.


Red ink is too negative in the UK

UK teachers can no longer use red ink pens to grade papers. According to recent studies, this color is perceived as too negative by children. Instead, teachers have to use green ink pens. Although the decision was well received by many, some teachers were not too happy. According to them, this rule will only confuse the children, and it won’t have any drastic effects.


The ban against daisy chains

Another funny rule from the UK is the decision not to allow the children to make daisy chains. Although schoolers are encouraged to wash their hands and to use a hand dryer to keep their hands germ-free, there have been people that considered daisy chain-making an activity that could lead to them to coming in contact with dangerous pathogens.

Many parents opposed this rule, as they consider it restricting. In the last years, the UK has adopted a number of regulations that were seen as excessively protective. In fact, many have referred to British school culture as a “culture of caution” that makes it impossible for youngsters to have fun and to enjoy themselves.