If you have decided to go on a tour in Mexico, but you want to avoid the areas that could pose a threat to yourself and your family, this list might come in handy. So pack your quesadilla maker and take a look below so that you can start and plan your next trip to Mexico.



This is a city that is infamous in Mexico, merely saying the word “Sinaloa” to most Mexicans will have them think of drugs and violence. The history of this city with drugs is not something recent; it can be traced back over a hundred years.

Mexico has seen a jump in the murder rate in the past year, and the main reason for that comes from the increased activities by cartels that are involved in drug and human trafficking.  Sinaloa is a hotspot of drug cartel activity which makes it extremely dangerous for a foreigner.

We say foreigner in particular because if you are not fluent in Spanish, it becomes much easier for locals to shake you up or to get in trouble solely because of communication problems.



Once a state pitched by tourist guides as a true haven of peacefulness and a state that boasted one of the country’s best standards of living, Colima has changed a lot over the recent years. The long stretches of beaches and the perfect climate made it an ideal tourist attraction.

Unfortunately, violence seems to have taken a hold of Colima. It was a place where people came to relax and where a few criminal organizations came to launder money. It was a sort of symbiosis, but recently the state has come under the full control of the Jalisco Nueva Generación drug cartel.

This had led the state to have a murder rate of 89 for every 100,000 inhabitants, which was almost six times the national average. Thus, the once peaceful region in Mexico was transformed into the most violent state.



Michoacan is a breathtakingly beautiful state on the Pacific Coast of Mexico with mountains to the east and Pacific shore to the west. It does sound a lot like paradise, and it certainly looks like it, but unfortunately, looks can be deceiving.

Despite the beautiful scenery, Michoacan is one of the most dangerous states in Mexico mainly due to the drug-fueled violence. Traveling to this region is not advised, especially as crime is not restricted only to major cities but can also be present in rural areas.

Local mafia owns the state and residents can be kidnapped and even murdered if they refuse to pay the “business tax.” Not a place you would want to visit.


About 200 miles south of Mexico City, Guerrero is one of the poorest and most violent states in the country. Due to a spike in heroin use in the U.S., the region has become one of the leading producers of opium in Mexico. This has led the criminal gangs to defend the poppy plantations viciously.

The state also has the highest homicide rates in the country, and in 2016 alone, more than 2,200 people were murdered in ways that are best left undescribed. The situation is harsh to the locals that live in the area as they have to face this battle for control on a daily basis.

There are areas in the state that are under the complete authority of organized crime, and gangs block the roads so that they can control the traffic.



This Mexican state is the birthplace of the country’s oldest criminal organization, namely the Gulf Cartel. As such, you should not expect it to be a safe location where you can take out a new griddler and enjoy a nice picnic on the side of the road.

Mexico tried to launch Plan Tamaulipas some years ago, an ambitious effort to try and quell the violence. The result, unfortunately, has been the opposite and insecurity has deepened over the last few years.

Tamaulipas is now one of the most troubled states in Mexico and the city of Reynosa is also among the most dangerous cities, especially for journalists. It is hard to find a safe place when the streets are full of men armed with assault rifles.