Famous unsolved cases like Jack the Ripper or Zodiac are familiar to all of us and they still intrigue us today. Any type of murder shocks us all but the fact that they were unsolved makes them even creepier and more disturbing. These crimes frightened communities for years, and without credible suspects, people started to really become afraid for their lives. 

The fact that the killer was never caught makes us wonder how someone can commit such an abominable act and then be able to cover up their traces so well. Let’s have a look at 10 of the most shocking murders of all time which happened differently, but they all have one thing in common: the killer has never been caught.


  1. Jack the Ripper

We have all heard about London’s most famous killer who terrorized the East End over a century ago – Jack the Ripper. Attacks ascribed to him typically involved female prostitutes; he is believed to have mutilated and killed at least five women. First, he would cut their throats and then, he would slit their stomach. Also, he removed internal organs from at least three of his victims which made people believe that he was familiar with surgical procedures.

There are numerous specialists, from various backgrounds, who have tried to solve the mystery. Unfortunately, Jack the Ripper’s identity still remains unknown to us.



  1. The Zodiac Killer

A serial killer, who liked to call himself the Zodiac, terrorized Northern California during the 1960s and 1970s. He managed to shock the community with his coded letters and phone calls in which he explained his motivation for the killings, and he also gave away indications to his next murder plans. In one of his many encrypted letters sent to the press (and others) he declared, that he liked killing people (“because it is so much fun”).

The Zodiac was never caught and even if he took responsibility for 37 murders, the police agree on only five deaths and two attacks.


  1. The West Mesa murders

In February 2009, the bodies of 11 women and one fetus were found buried together in the desert of West Mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The women were mostly prostitutes who had gone missing between 2001 and 2005. A woman noticed a human bone while walking her dog and reported the gruesome discovery to the police.

It is believed the killings are linked to the yearly state fair which attracts large crowds to the area, but the case still remains unsolved after all this time.


  1. The Atlanta Ripper

Everyone is familiar with Jack the Ripper’s murders, but not many people have heard about his American Doppelgaenger who followed in his footsteps, the Atlanta Ripper. In 1911 he began his killing streak and by the end of next year, 1912, he had managed to kill between 15 to 21 young black women. No one knows for sure if there were multiple individuals who committed the crimes or if a single predator is responsible for all the killings.

While six men were arrested, no charges were ever brought to court. The investigators have never discovered the identity of the killer or killers.


  1. The Phantom Killer

In 1946 an unidentified serial killer known as “The Phantom Killer” terrorized the southern town of Texarkana, a small town on the border of Texas and Arkansas. The killer is believed to have attacked eight people within ten weeks; five people died and three survived including his two first victims. The attacks happened on weekends and witnesses described the killer as wearing a white mask, hence his nickname – “The Phantom”.

Even if police on either side of the state line joined their forces in order to catch the killer, his identity is still unknown today.


  1. The Servant Girl Annihilator

Between 1884 and 1885 the people of Austin, Texas were reeling in shock from a seemingly endless string of brutal ax murders. All the victims were murdered in the so-called safety of their own beds. The murders ended suddenly on Christmas Eve, 1885, and the killer is thought to have boarded a ship to begin his reign of terror elsewhere. It is believed that he murdered 7 women, 5 black and two white.

There were eyewitnesses who managed to identify the killer as being a man, and he has been called America’s first serial killer.



  1. The Oakland County Child Killer

The loss of a child is surely every parent’s worst nightmare and sadly, for four families in Oakland County, Michigan, this nightmare came true. Also known as “The Babysitter Killer”, the Oakland County Child killer took the lives of two girls and two boys in 1976 and 1977. The children who were between the ages of 10 and 12 were abducted and then held for days before being killed.

And even if there were hundreds of suspects over the years, the person who committed these horrifying murders remains unknown.  


  1. Charlie Chop-off

This vicious killer was known for targeting African American boys exclusively. In the early 1970s, New York was terrorized by this unidentified serial killer who is believed to have killed three black children and one Puerto Rican child. There was a fifth victim, but fortunately, the child survived.

In 1974 police apprehended a suspect caught in the act of kidnapping a Puerto Rican boy, but the surviving victim was not able to identify him as the killer.   


  1. The Long Island Serial Killer

Also known as the “The Craigslist Ripper’, this unidentified serial killer is believed to have murdered anywhere between 10 and 16 people over a period of 20 years. Between December 2010 and April 2011 there were found 10 corpses on the South Shore of Long Island, New York.

It is believed that his victims were associated with the sex trade, several of them soliciting services over Craigslist. The investigation is still ongoing.


  1.  The Doodler

His nickname comes from the fact that he used to sketch the crime scene after murdering his victims.

This unidentified serial killer was responsible for 14 murders and three assaults of gay men in San Francisco, California. All these disturbing killings happened between January 1974 and September 1975.