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Toro 51486 reviews

For those people who are looking for a way to make their lawn look perfect, this Toro 51486 review will provide various insights that can help in proving the ability of this model to be one of the best available models in the market today. Cleaning your lawn is never finished until it is already well-trimmed, and this product will do the trimming for you. As an outdoor power tool, string trimmers are commonly found in the market. However, because of the multitude of options that are available, and the lack of technical knowledge of many people, choosing the best is often a hard task. Continue reading the rest of this review and you will no longer find it hard to choose the best string trimmer available today.

Power and consistency are two words that are often used in many Toro 51486 customer reports to describe this string trimmer. Even if you are working in an extended time, this string trimmer will make sure that the performance is still powerful and consistent, and such can be attributed to the different features of the product. For instance, it has a 12-inch cutting width, which makes sure that trimming will be done quickly, even if you are working on a large area. Additionally, it is also very light compared to the other models of string trimmers that can be found in the market, as it weighs only 8 pounds. It is not also using gas or oil, which makes sure that it does not cause pollution, and it has a very quiet operation.


This review also highlights the presence of the 14-inch adjustable handle in this string trimmer. This means that the product is designed in such a way that it will work based on your preferences. You can choose the desired height of the handle depending on the work that will be one, or depending on what you will need.Having an aluminum shaft that is guaranteed to be free from rusting is another thing that makes this string trimmer a good option. Aside from having an extended reach, the shaft is an assurance of the trimmer’s ability to last for a longer time, making it a good investment.

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The ease of use of this string trimmer is also highlighted in this Toro 51486 review. One of the things that make such possible is the auto-feed trim line. With this feature, once the trigger is pulled, the trimmer will adjust itself in order to have the perfect cutting length. Another thing that makes this trimmer easy to use is the fact that it is powered by a rechargeable battery.  The trimmer also has a power saver adjustable cut, which allows more efficient use of power as the width is reduce to 10 inches from 12 inches.


A string trimmer is an essential item for people who spend a generous amount of time in fixing their lawn. With this model, trimming will be easier and more efficient. There is no need to doubt the capability of this product to deliver the performance that is anticipated. This can prove to be a good option, the same way that it has been regarded in many Toro 51486 customer reports as a good choice by many people who have already used this model.


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