Union DRSUJ5DB reviews



Union DRSUJ5DB customer reports


Union DRSUJ5DB reviews

Union DRSUJ5DB Junior Drum Set is made just for you because it doesn’t matter whether you’re old or young to play the drums. Read more about this in this Union 5-piece Junior review.

This drum set is here for the juniors who have the same passion as the professionals and the older sector. This 3/4 size drum set is available in blue color. It is composed of snare drum, crash cymbal, bass drum, floor tom, and hi hat. Its pedals are adjustable to fit the user’s preference. It also has nonslip rubber feet.

It stands are heavy duty and durable. Chrome tuning lugs are also included and this will guide the user in tuning the drums for the user to attain the peak performance of the drum set. Moreover, it also has a chain drive kick pedal, adjustable stand height, adjustable cymbal arm and 2 spurs.

The drum set is also made from high quality materials that ensure that it will last for a long time. The drum shell material is made of strong wood and the drum head is made of mylar. The drums are sure to sound good because of the great choice of materials.

The drum set is also stylish with its blue color and glossy finish. When set up, the drum set measures 37.5 ” high and 37.5 ” wide.

Many professionals have tried this product and they praise the manufacturer for the quality of the product. So if it’s quality that you’re considering in choosing the product, why not choose this drum set? It is also assured to last long in accompanying you in your jamming experiences.

Union 5-Piece Junior Drum Set – Blue (DRSUJ5DB) Specifics and Features:

–          Size: ¾

–          Color: Blue

–          Features: Adjustable Pedal, Nonslip Rubber Feet, Heavy-Duty Stands, Chrome Tuning Lugs, Chain-Drive Kick Pedal, Adjustable Stand Height, Adjustable Cymbal Arm, 2 Spurs

–          Set Components: Snare Drum, Crash Cymbal, Bass Drum, Floor Tom, Hi Hat

–          Drum Head Material: Mylar

–          Drum Shell Material: Wood

–          Finish: Glossy

–          Includes: Pedal, User Manual, Drum Throne, Cymbals, Drum Key, Drum Sticks

–          Dimensions: 37.5 ” H x 37.5 ” W x 37.5 ” D

In the Union 5-piece Junior customer reports, it was said that this drum set is truly something to boast about. The blue color is definitely fit for the drum set as it fits the juniors who love drumming in the beat. The parents who have bought these drum sets to their juniors were glad to see their children to enjoy their drum set. This drum set is not as big as the 4/4 drum set size so it surely will fit into your child’s room.