How to choose to best vacuum cleaner?


Clean fast and without effort!

Millions of American men and women are trying to find the answer to one important question: which is the best vacuum cleaner? This dilemma should be handled with attention, given the importance given to the acquisition of a powerful cleaner. Everyone wants to clean fast and without “investing” too much effort in the cleaning operation! A professional vacuum cleaner should be present in any home because thus any dirt, dust or debris becomes a distant memory. Home maintenance revolves around the quality and sucking force of the vacuum cleaner, so you’d best identify one capable of covering every inch of the room without dealing with problems. Now, cleaning room after room will be a lot easier once you pick out a great model from the best vacuum cleaners available on the market.

The support team from our home care department managed to draft out some advices and recommendations you should take into account while searching for a vacuum cleaner.


What separates a canister from an upright vacuum cleaner?

Well, more and more people seem to prefer canister vacuum cleaner due to their convenience and versatility. Just like upright cleaners, canisters can clean with ease carpets and bare floors. Furthermore you should also know that such cleaners clean with ease stars and suck up dirt from various corners.


What to choose: vacuum cleaners with bags or without?

If we look at the latest technical tests and cleaning studies, it seems that there is no big difference between bag and bagless cleaners. You can pick either one of these types and clean with the same efficiency. Buying one or the other depends on your personal cleaning desire. Bagless vacuum cleaners will help you save money in purchasing extra bags. Unfortunately they are still very hard to empty, leaving quite a mess, while the filters and dust containers must be cleaned. Vacuums with bags due keep the dirt contained but in the unlucky event you lose an earring, just imagine the hardship of retrieving it.


Do more Amps represent better cleaning operations?

There is a misconception today that with the highest levels of amps, watts or horsepower, a vacuum cleaner can suck with precision dirt or dust. You need to know that such numbers are only measurements of the electrical current used by the cleaner’s motor. The performance itself relies on airflow, which represents the amount of suction it produces during the cleaning action. Other factors to consider are cleaning design and specific attachments, for better results.


Which role do attachments play during cleaning?

A professional vacuum cleaner will come with a wide range of attachments. You can use a motorized power nozzle in order to clean carpets and also rugs. For bare floors or walls you should use wall and floor brush. For getting dust out of drawers you should equip your cleaner with a crevice tool. Furthermore the cleaner features a dusting brush in order to remove dust from molding, lampshades and blinds.


How often should you vacuum?

Every home needs to be clean and fresh. Once or twice a week you need to make some time for cleaning. It is important to make room in your life to take better care of your home. Use the cleaner slowly, by going back and forth or from side to side, in order to clean precisely and without the presence of any restrictions whatsoever.


How many times should you run over a carpet to be fully cleaned?

In most occasions, you need to run over the carpet until the stains are gone. Still, as statistics point out, seven strokes are more than enough to clean high-traffic areas and three times on light traffic surfaces. If you don’t like dirt at all, then try to find a cleaner with a dirt sensor that points out when the area is clean.


When do you have to change the filter on the cleaner?

First of all you don’t have to change the filter as often as the bag. When the filter presents signs of wear or excessively dirty, you need to replace it. HEPA filters should be used after 6 months, due to its special cleaning nature. Read the manufacturer’s manual in order to manage better the cleaning functions of the device.