The diaper bag backpack features 14 thoughtfully useful pockets that will help you store many of your baby’s essentials as well as a changing pad designed with 3 pockets where various items such as diapers, tissues, and creams can be stored.

The unisex design makes it ideal for both mom and dad. It is not too big, not too small, just large enough to store the things you need for your baby without feeling uncomfortable.

The materials used to create this bag are of high quality. The bag is, thus, perfect for long-term use and goes perfectly with any weather conditions.

The bag includes various accessories to help you meet any baby needs when outdoors.



Out of the information we’ve gathered, we’ve learned that the bag may have an odor at the beginning, although it will probably disappear within a few weeks.


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Benefits explained

Going out with your little one might prove to be a bit of an adventure considering all those things you have to take with you in order to meet your baby’s various needs. Thanks to this diaper backpack from Valandres, you can enjoy the time you spend with your baby without worrying that there’s some important item you haven’t taken with you because of a too small bag.

The bag is 13 x 6 x 17 inches, which makes it perfect to store your little one’s essentials. It is large enough to host all those must-haves yet not too big to make it uncomfortable. The 14 pockets it includes will help you keep your things organized and find the items you need with ease.

Thanks to its cushioned changing pad designed with 4 pockets for diapers, tissues, and wipes, you don’t have to worry about your baby’s comfort and hygiene when outdoors and in need of a new diaper. The bag comes with various accessories including a protective pacifier pod, 2 universal stroller straps that go perfectly with your stroller, and a hands-free adjustable, removable stroller strap.

You can wear the diaper bag as a messenger tote or as a backpack. If you get tired of carrying it, you can attach it to your stroller thanks to the straps it comes with. Its unisex design cuts allow both dads and moms to wear it. Plus, when you no longer need it for your baby, you can use it to complement your wardrobe and carry your own things. The quality materials ensure long-term use.

Whether you’re a first-time mom or you’re at your second or third baby, this diaper bag will improve your outdoor experience by providing you with multiple functional pockets, quality materials, and a fashionable design. You no longer have to take two or more bags with you or waste time finding that one thing you need. This bag will keep everything organized and in one place.



Add comfort to the outdoor time you spend with your baby by keeping things organized with this functional yet stylish diaper backpack.


Buy from Amazon for ($27.95)