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Velocity Fitness CHB-R2003 customer reports


Velocity Fitness CHB-R2003 reviewsThe velocity fitness recumbent bike is a phenomenal choice for those persons who are looking for a top notch machine but not much interested in the additional functionalities and features of exercise bikes which are usually three to four times more expensive. In this Velocity Fitness CHB-R2003 Review we will try to discuss several most fundamental features of this magnetic exercise bike. So, first of all let us talk about its assembly. The machine will come at your hand in a semi assembled form and you have to assemble the remaining items by yourself which is not a very complex thing. The entire assembly can be done by a single average person in less than one hour. During this operation you can also get the help of its manual guide in which all the process is comprehensively demonstrated with the help of diagrams and labeled pieces.


When it comes to the features of the Velocity Fitness CHB-R2003 bike then it has a well designed LCD control panel, which is more than adequate for any average person. This LCD has the ability to show the speed of the bike in round per minutes, distance, time, calories, body fat percentage and scan. The bike allows the adjustable resistance what’s missing is an electronic resistance adjustment system. Actually the Velocity Fitness CHB-R2003 bike has a screw type system to adjust resistance, which means if you want to decrease the resistance of the bike then you have to turn the knob of the bike in left direction and conversely to increase the resistance of the bike you have to turn the knob into the right direction.

It has been concluded from the different Velocity Fitness CHB-R2003 customer reports that the biggest attraction of this exercise bike is its smooth ride. There are too many bikes out there which have a herky-jerky motion that puts gratuitous stress on the knees, but this is not an issue with the Velocity fitness recumbent bike. The bike has a very satisfying smooth paddle motion so that you never feel tired or pain in your shoulders or knees even after a longer workout.

The unit is designed with a good blend of steel and plastic. Its main body is crafted with the steel while on the other hand its various inner parts are developed by using high quality plastic. The overall weight of the bike is about 75 lbs and it also has two small wheels at the front of the bike, meaning a single person can move it without calling the army of friends or neighbors. Additionally, if any person who is facing issues like back pain then the Velocity Fitness CHB-R2003 machine will be a good selection for those persons, since it features an adjustable cushioned seat that provides very comfortable ride without feeling any sort of pain.