Select the best video baby monitor


Within any family, the youngest member requires specific care and attention given its vulnerability and need for guidance. Moms and dads know the importance of having a keen eye on the development of their baby, in order to be in line with its desires. Well, in order to prevent unnecessary trips to the baby’s room that simply take a lot of time and effort you need to have installed a professional video baby monitor, which can connect you 24/7 with the little one. Due to the high number of products available on market it can be pretty difficult to find the right model which can establish the right visual connection between you and the little one. To this extent having information from the best video baby monitors comparison reviews, represents an important step in discovering a high quality model, capable of delivering precise data.


Withings Smart Video Baby Monitor


If you want high tech to guide you in the early years of your child then Withings Smart baby monitor will become your very own nursery assistant, always awake with a keen eye on the child. As one of the best video baby monitor under 300, Withings allows n use the pan-tilt-zoom tech in order to navigate the room at a simple touch of the screen, while talking to the child or play him a delightful lullaby directly from your phone. The model delivers a reliable 4 x zoom through the pinch and zoom effect that lets you in-depth the child’s wellbeing. Take the next step in home baby care with Withings Smart baby monitor!

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Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor


Do you want a powerful and efficient video baby monitor, safely installed in your baby’s room? Well, if your answer is solid yes, then you should consider using Dropcam HD Wi-Fi baby monitor in order to keep a close watch eye on your baby, pet’s behaviour or even nanny’s attitude towards the little one, in a stunning 720p resolution. It takes only 1 minute to set up Dropcam and afterwards it will provide 24/7 video monitoring whenever you are out or in other places of the house. It is ideal for home usage, being a durable and stylish video baby monitor. The model has a precise mobile alert that keeps you notified by phone and email of the state of the little one while you are away. Furthermore the device has a night vision which allows you to see the little one night after night, a reliable 2 way audio system which lets you speak and comfort the child even if you are in another room.

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Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Video Baby Monitor


Samsung is well-known for its high quality video baby monitors, designed to help parents keep track of their children with more attention. SEW-3037W video baby monitor from Samsung has a 3.5” LCD display and maintains a secure and doesn’t have any interference free of 2.4 Ghz signal. The model delivers an impressive VGA resolution of 640 x 480, letting you see the child while he sleeps, plays with a toy and simply grows. This advanced wireless video baby monitor has a remote controlled built-in night light that helps the little one to sleep a lot better. In addition to its modern design, the device incorporates a 2-way talk audio system, letting you speak and calm down the little one. Samsung SEW-3037W features the quiet mode that manages to safely remove white background noise in order to hear only the child.

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WiFi Baby 2.0 2013 model video baby monitor


The year 2013 brought forth the crème du la crème when it comes to baby care: WiFi Baby 2.0, a video baby monitor that expands the regular baby monitoring to a pleasant activity. Your baby will be under your watchful eyes irrespective of your location. This small and elegant device, let’s you connect your iPhone, Android smartphone or iPad to the camera and virtually see the baby’s room from any place around the world. Considered one of the best video baby monitor under 300, this Nanny cam has an internal DVR that allows you to record while you’re at work or on delegation. Furthermore the data is password protected and the camera doesn’t allow third parties to connect to it, without your express permission. The model is compatible with the latest smartphone operating systems such as iOS 6.0, Android 4.0, Windows 8 and also Mountain Lion.