Viper 350 customer reports


Viper 350 Power Door Locks reviewsLocks are essential in every car. You would definitely want to keep your car secured wherever you go or even when it is just parked in your garage. Read this Viper 350 Power Door Locks review to find out if it is the right one for your vehicle.

The new power door locks from Viper can perform lock and unlock tasks even without physical contact with the car. You can control it from several feet away or even while inside the home or building using a fob. The fob works by sending out radio frequency which is digitally encoded so as to prevent it from being stolen by others, keeping your car even more secured as no one will be able to get into it without your wireless transmitter.

The Viper 350 Power Door Locks has various features that you will definitely find helpful including its 1-way, 3-channel Security System with Keyless Entry, 4-Button remotes and control center for more security. It also comes with FailSafe starter kill and Stinger Double-Guard shock sensor which detects tempering.



The power door locks also has Revenger six-tone soft-chirp siren and parking light alarm response as well as Nuisance Prevention to prevent recurrent false alarms. If it is in Panic mode, it will call your and others’ attention by triggering the alarm. The bright blue status LED warns thieves and provides you with information about the system. It also comes with clone-safe code-hopping and anti-carjacking features. The Viper 350 locks also have an optional remote start which allows you to use it with the use of a separate module or just by itself.

Many Viper 350 Power Door Locks customer reports like the product’s convenience. It features both dedicated lock and unlock buttons for easier use while its domelight supervision output can light your car as you approach. The door locks also has parking light flash and comfort closure feature that will automatically close windows on some vehicles. Its other convenient features include two auxiliary outputs, programmable AUX output for remote controlled options, control center with antenna, valet switch and status LED combined into one unit, XR+ Super-heterodyne receiver for rage of up to one quarter mile and one year warranty.

Consumers and experts recommend the Viper 350 Power Door Locks because of its reliable security features. It works great on its own though there are add-ons that you may want to consider getting for better security.

The Viper 350 Power Door Locks are available in retail stores. If you want to get a good deal for it, check out online stores as many offer good deals for it. Some offer free shipping to make it more convenient for you.