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Viper 5901 customer reports


Viper 5901 reviews

When it comes to protecting your car, you must choose a reliable alarm that has an impressive array of features. Viper 5901 Car Alarm is highly recommended for its dependable features. Read more about this car alarm in this Viper 5901 Review.

Viper 5901 is a combination car alarm and remote starter, and it has a lot of features that could protect your vehicle. These includes the starter kill, the shock and door sensors. The Viper 5901 car alarms also have a large LCD screen on the remote that will keep you alerted to everything that happens to your car. This amazing car alarm ensures high level of control and ability to monitor your car, and it’s all from a small remote. The remote has an easily readable LCD screen that will alert you to whatever is happening to your car. From it, you can also see what level of auto security your car. It will tell you if the engine is running, if the doors are locked and when the car security system is armed.

Viper car alarms have all the basic door and starter alarm functions that would alarm you if someone breaks a window or opens the door or whenever the car is bumped too hard.

These days, since car alarms are becoming a norm, thieves are becoming more resourceful and resolve to jacking up and stealing tires. There are also instances that the cars are simply towed away or lifted onto tow trucks. Viper car alarms fight back with shock sensors. These shock sensors will go off whenever your car is moved in any way.

The Viper 5901 remote is intuitive and is rechargeable with any USB port. The Viper alarm will start your car and the air conditioner or heater and bring the temperature to a preset level

But there’s more. Viper also boasts one of the most innovative and useful features you can add in this car alarm and this feature is called Smart Start. Amazingly, for an additional charge you can have your phone turned into the remote. Smart Start is compatible with all app-enabled smartphones including BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. It eliminated the need to carry around an extra set of keys with this application because it can perform every task the remote can.

There are also some extraordinarily detailed customizations, such as naming a vehicle and having a custom photo appear on your phone. The user can also customize a password so that the vehicle options can only be accessed with the correct password.

When the alarm sounds or there is movement detected with the car, rather than having a remote alarm, your smartphone will receive a text message. You can disable the alarm or reset it using your phone.


Viper 5901 Car Alarm Specifics and Features:

–          Rechargeable remote via USB port

–          Long battery life

–          large LCD screen on the remote

–          shock sensors

–          basic door and starter alarm functions

–          Smart Start

–          limited roadside assistance


The Viper 5901 has a great feedback from its users and it’s obvious. According to the Viper 5901 customer reports, the only thing that bothers them in this car alarm is that its remote alarm cannot be set off so it’s a disadvantage if your car alarms when you are in an office meeting. Though, this problem can be solved with the additional feature, the Smart Start.