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Viper 5904 reviewsThis article about Viper 5904 review will provide you with insights on one product that you can choose in order to be provided with the assurance that your car will be safe and secured all the time. Over the years, Viper has been known in the production of various vehicle security systems, and this product is one of the perfect examples of such. This product will prove to be especially helpful if you own a luxury car. Nonetheless, that does not mean that it will not be a good product for those who have cars of lesser value. This security system will be perfect for all people who care about their cars and who are committed towards doing anything that is possible to have it protected.


Many of the Viper 5904 customer reports that have been published in the past have noted that its user interface is entirely new, compared to the interface that has been used in other products before. This means that it will be easier for people to use the remote. One of the things that made such possible is the incorporation of a patented menu wheel that makes it easy to use. More so, the new interface includes having custom animations that made it possible to confirm the commands that were entered by the user and for the purpose of the illustration of the system event.

If you want to be more convinced about purchasing this product, this Viper 5904 review will also be directed towards the discussion of some of the innovative technologies that can be found in this product. For instance, it comes with the Responder HD feature, which means that it is the most advanced color remote from the manufacturer and has the ability to be functional at a one mile range. It also comes with an OLED display panel, which holds the advantage of being larger compared to the screens of other products within the category.

Another thing that is worth highlighting about the Viper 5904 is the SuperCode Technology. This is an innovation that would best describe the intelligence and functionality of the device. The use of software-based system for the purpose of encrypting signal is one of the key changes, compared to the previous use of hardware based system. This innovation also makes it possible for users to be given the opportunity to use just one remote in securing two cars at the same time.

SmartStart compatibility is also a common reason cited by the users of this product as the reason for their satisfaction. With this, you can have the ability to start, control, and locate your vehicle with the use of your smartphone, as it can be connected to the device.

There is no doubt that this product will help you in keeping your vehicle secured. If you are still not convinced, read more Viper 5904 customer reports and you will understand better why you should also use this remote.