Most Reliable Car Alarm from Viper


Viper Responder 350 2-Way Security SystemPros

As stated in the Viper Responder 350 security system reviews this car alarm is easy to install and operate.

You have the advantage of the two included remotes which make it easy to control the security system even when you are away from your vehicle.

The alarm will not only indicate when it is armed, but it can also help deter would be car thieves.

Considered the best alarm from Viper it includes everything you need to protect your vehicle from theft at an affordable price.



There have been mentions that the larger remote may experience time delays. While this does not affect its ability to protect your vehicle it can be an inconvenience when you are in a hurry.


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Benefits Explained


  • This car alarm system is designed to be easy to install on almost any vehicle, and be simple to operate. You have the advantage of the remote control and keyless entry for instant access to your vehicle, and the included wires make it extremely easy to connect without the expensive cost of a professional. As an added advantage you don’t even have to wire the system to your vehicle’s starter in order for it to work, and if it is installed professionally you have the benefit of the included manufacturer’s warranty.

Viper Responder 350 2-Way Security System

  • The keyless entry feature lets you access your vehicle’s interior without having to stop and look for your keys and you also have the advantage of the included two remote controls. The main remote features a LCD screen that automatically alerts you when the alarm is set off, and will also clearly show when the system is armed. The smaller remote fits conveniently in your pocket or purse, and will easily control the alarm from a distance.


  • The bright blue light not only indicates when the alarm is on, it also adds a color effect to your vehicle’s interior at night. The light will pulse when it senses movement near your car, and makes an excellent deterrent for would be thieves. While the light will pulse at nearby movements, it will not automatically set off the alarm until the action is repeated. This helps to cut down on the number of annoying false alarms that can irritate you and your neighbors.


  • You will love the affordable price of this alarm system, along with the fact that everything you need is included. The flashing light is easy to install with the rest of the system, and all of the cables are included with your purchase. While you can install this system by yourself, the added bonus of an included warranty often makes it worth the extra expensive of having it connected by a professional.



Manufactured by Viper, it is easy to see why this is considered the best 2 way car alarm. The motion sensor alerts you when something has bumped your car, and the system will let you know if you forgot to close a door. The included remotes are convenient and easy to use, and you will also love its affordable price.


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