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Wagan EL9793 12V reviewsFor cleaning cars, it is really hard and even close to impossible to use normal sized vacuum cleaners. Such vacuum cleaners are big and bulky; fitting them inside your car would require so much effort. More so, manoeuvring is really difficult because of the tight space. With this, getting a compact vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to clean automobiles is very much advisable. Since it is more portable, going over your car seat and floor is easier, thus, you leave no spot dirty.

If you think that this is exactly what you need, then you may want to consider checking out the Wagan EL9793 12V. In this article, we will discuss its features and specifications so that you can have an idea whether this particular cleaner is suited for you. We hope that this Wagan EL9793 12V review helps you in your hunt for that perfect automobile vacuum cleaner.

Though small in size, the Wagan EL9793 12V is packed with powerful suction. Many users attested on how delvers nothing less than a job well done. With its small suction intake, it is amazing how it can pick up dirt and debris on the floor, and even on thick carpets. With this, you can be assured that all dirt is picked up and all spots are efficiently and thoroughly cleaned.

Furthermore, to go through the tight spaces of seats and other hard to reach areas, the Wagan EL9793 12V has an included attachment that fits on the intake, providing additional reach and extension that lets the vacuum reach remote places where otherwise it would not fit. The attachment has a brush on its end to provide necessary scrubbing to dislodge accumulated dirt. On the other hand, cleaning over the floor and to the seat is easy since it has a long power cord so you do not need to unplug and plug it again when moving to other areas. Emptying the vacuum cleaner is also very easy as it only requires one push of a button.

All in all, the Wagan EL9793 12V is a great unit for its price. Various Wagan EL9793 12V customer reports have attested on its power and quality. Many are very happy and pleased with its cleaning performance. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean and store. It is also very easy to use as it offers a plug and go technology. Some users reported that their unit did not come with a manual, but it is not a thing to worry about. Everything about this vacuum cleaner is self explanatory so you would not be lost on your way, even without any how-to manual. In addition, the unit is very light weight so it is very easy to carry around. With all these, we can say that the Wagan EL9793 12V gets an easy recommendation.