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Waterfi SW3-SSL reviewsIf you love listening to music through your iPod shuffle and you live an adventurous life, such as often being on outdoor trips, the rest of this Waterfi SW3-SSL review will prove to be helpful in deciding one gadget that you can purchase. Over the years, iPod has taken the world by storm, as it revolutionizes the way people listen to music. Waterfi has taken such revolution to an even higher level through offering the users of such gadget with the opportunity to provide dual layer protection to their iPod shuffle through waterproofing. With this innovation, you can now enjoy your shuffle regardless of your location. You can bring it with you even if you are on the beach. The best thing is that you no longer have to deal with the burden of carrying bulky cases to protect it from water.

In many Waterfi SW3-SSL customer reports, one thing that has been commended by many of the users of this product is that it has a convenient design. Unlike in using waterproof cases, you do not have to deal with the bulk, or with wearing straps. As the iPod shuffle comes with the built-in clip on the unit, you simply need to have it attached in your swim suit or whatever you are wearing. In addition, it is also very light, in fact, it seems like it does not add any weight on the iPod at all.

This Waterfi SW3-SSL review will highlight the technology that is used in waterproofing this iPod. This innovation is called the Dual Layer Technology, and as the name implies, it is basically concerned about the provision of two layers of protection on the iPod so that it would not be damaged or infiltrated with water. In the first layer, a rubbery and thick insulator is used to lead into the formation of a protective layer on the sensitive electronic parts. In the second layer, the main objective is to protect the device from the elements and chemicals such as from pools and oceans. It is important to note that during the two layered protection, the device remains intact. The second layer is also concerned about the insulation of the electronics of the device by up to 40,000 volts, which makes it possible to lead into the prevention of short circuits while the iPod is submerged in water.

More so, this iPod shuffle is not just waterproof, but also shockproof. The two layers of protection protect the iPod from being accidentally crushed. This means that even if it is accidentally dropped, or included in the clothes to be washed, you can be assured that your iPod will still be functional.

In sum, this music player is a must-have for people who are living an active lifestyle. If you are a beach bum and you love music, this is an essential on your list of things to have. If you would want to know more with regards to how this can prove to be a good item to purchase, check various Waterfi SW3-SSL customer reports to see how this can be satisfactory product to have.