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Weaver Super Slam Matte customer reports


Weaver Super Slam Matte reviewsWeaver Optics has manufactured a riflescope that provides accurate long range view making the Weaver Super Slam one of the best scopes there are in the market. If you’re interested in Weaver Super Slam, read more about this riflescope in this Weaver Super Slam Matte Review.

Weaver Super Slam is a variable-magnification riflescope that is equipped with EBX reticle. This riflescope ensures durability and incredible features. It ensures that there will be no malfunctioning issues during hunting activities.

The Super Slam has fully multi-coated optics and the new three-point erector system provides crisp and repeatable adjustments. The pull-up adjustment knobs are also handy. The adjustment knobs are easy to rotate. Moreover, the reticle can be adjusted by lift the turret rings to engage them before turning. The EBX reticle is a glass-etched reticle positioned in the second focal plane. It is also more durable than other Super Slam reticles since glass-etched reticles are more durable than wire.

Also, Weaver Super Slam Matte does not have any indication of leak when submerged in the water even though the knobs are twisted and turned for several minutes. The Super Slam is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.

Users might have confusion in using the subtension measurement for each EBX aiming point to apply the reticle to specific loads and tune the reticle via the magnification setting. At 100 yards the first dot subtends to 2.25 inches, the second to 4.93 inches and the third to 7.98 inches. These can be converted to any distance by multiplying them by the range in yards and dividing by 100.

Weaver offers five 2X-10X, six 3X-15X and three 4X-20X Super Slam models. There are four reticles available, but only the 3X-15X version can be bought with the illuminated reticle. It also has the 2X-10x and 3X-15X wherein the user can have either the 42mm or the 50mm objective.

The new three-point erector system is a hybrid of the traditional system where a single leaf spring preloads the erector against the two erector screws (adjustments), hence the three points. The leaf spring in the Super Slam benefits from modern design improvements, providing a stable and uniform preload force.

Weaver Super Slam Matte Specifics and Features:

–          Manufacturer: Weaver Optics

–           Magnification: 2X-10X; 3X-15X; 4X-20X

–          Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm

–          Body Tube Diameter: 1″

–          Eye Relief:  3.98″ @ 3X – 3.94″ @15X

–          Exit Pupil:  10.5mm @ 3X, 2.34mm @ 15X

–          Field of View:  33.28′ @ 3X, 6.7′ @ 15X

–          Coatings: Fully multi-coated

–          Length:  13.4″

–          Mounting Space: 5.7″

–          Weight: 20.5 ozs.

According to the Weaver Super Slam Matte customer reports, the riflescope was highly praised for its durability and also for its remarkable reticles.