Weber 516501 Q 120 Portable 189-Square-inch 8500-BTU liquid-propane gas grill reviews


Weber 516501 Q 120 customer reports


Weber 516501 Q 120 reviews

This Weber 516501 Q 120 review will bring the reliable information about a quality product that competes with the different models and companies that offer grills. According to the online surveys and statistics people are using the Weber 516501 Q 120 to have a great cook out which results in delicious food. Using the best Weber grill review you can achieve to the information that you require prior to buying the grill, this grill provides with a system which is both easy to manage and has, by far the best performance cooking system than the other models available in the market. Also it is very powerful yet very portable to use and handle. Thus by reading this Weber grill review you will find out more of the features of the Q 120 which increases the cooking experience by letting the person cooking the ability to cook the food with a great area for cooking which is 189 sq in., this area is big enough to cook . Another feature that the Weber 516501 Q 120 offers is the Built-in Thermometer.

The Cooking System in Weber 516501 Q 120:

  • The grill provides a cooking area of 189 square inch in total.
  • The grill provides with a Built-in Thermometer
  • The cooking system provides with 8,500 BTU-per-hour-input
  • It has the stainless steel burner
  • It has the infinite control burner valve
  • It has the removable catch pan
  • The grill has the porcelain-enameled cast –iron cooking grate
  • It has the electronic ignition
  • The grill is provided with the Weber® Q™ recipe booklet
  • The grill comes with a limited warranty
  • The cooking system uses the disposable 14.1-or 16.4 oz. LP cylinders which is not provided with the grill

The construction of Weber 516501 Q 120:

  • The lid of the grill is made up of cast-aluminum lid and the body is made with drip ducts.
  • It is reinforced with the glass on nylon frame
  • It has the folding work tables with the tool handles.


The dimensions of this grill provided in this Weber 516501 Q 120 review is the following:

  • The height of this grill is 23.5 inches; the width is R-L: 27 inches, the depth is 15.9 inches.

The Weber 516501 Q 120 customer reports shows that performance and the service provided by this grill and the portability provided by this grill is regarded as one of the best in the market. The price of this grill is just right for the users giving them the best quality grill with the best performance and ease of handling earning the satisfaction of the customers.