Which Weber Gas Grill Cover Is the Best


The Weber 7553 Premium Cover it is very good to keep you’re Weber Genesis Gas Grill covered from the element or just from dust. Being fabricate from a heavy duty venyl, being capable to cover E series and S series of Weber Genesis Gas Grills. The dimensions of the cover are: Height 14.1 inch, Length 3 inch, Width 12.4 inch, Weight 1 pounds. If you had a barbeque and the weather is getting worse and don’t want to rain on it, or protect it from the sun light the Weber 7553 Premium Cover will do its job. Being easy to clean up both on the inside or the outside, is the perfect fit to your gas grill, being the same label and going along just fine. Thanks to its fitted center and long sides keep it secured in place and not letting it move. The Weber Premium cover is the  Top rated gas grill cover reviews show that all due to the protective method it has protecting it from all elements, and being light weight and easy to put it on, it maintains in place in the top.


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If you have a Weber Genesis Gas Grill, and don’t have something to protect it from the power of the elements, Weber 7553 Premium Cover is what you are looking for, and we have it. It fits like a glove and maintains your grill in perfect and functional state, being waterproof and at the same time maintains it in place, not allowing its mobile part wobble around damaging your grill. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to apply it to the grill taking no longer then 2 minutes. Best gas grill cover in 2019 all thanks to the very good isolating and protective material, that doesn’t wears out in time, and a very easy and practical method to apply it without being needed to get dirty.

One of the best features of the Weber 7553 Premium Cover is that it’s ventilated and allow the air to go through and vent the grill, not keeping any smell. You might think that the vents will let rain through them, but no, thanks to its design it lets air go in but keeps the rain out. Best gas grill cover in 2019 also for this design that other gas grill covers don’t have, being an innovative and practical feature, allowing air circulate keeping it ventilated and always ready for use.


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