Each state has its own weird laws, and North Carolina can be added to this list because it shocks many people with some of its most ridiculous laws. Even though most of them are no longer enforced, there are some that can get people in trouble if they are not obeyed.

Let’s mention some of the strangest laws that North Carolina has, and have a look at the bigger picture, maybe they will make some sort of sense after all… or not.


You are not allowed to sing off key

This might be very challenging for those people such as friends, family, neighbors etc. who really trust their musical talent and have a very good opinion about their singing, when in fact they sing out of tune every single time.

Does this mean that Karaoke, which can be quite entertaining sometimes, is a no-no in North Carolina for those bad singers? Too bad. But this law might mean more than hitting the wrong pitches, it’s about causing discomfort to others.


If an unmarried couple registers at a hotel as married, then it is considered so

Well, that is an easy way to make someone marry you… without him/her even knowing. We wonder about those people who are already married, and they check in at a hotel with different partners (which they shouldn’t), other than their husband or wife, will their actual marriage automatically be considered void and replaced with this one?

Also, another law states that all couples who decide to spend the night at a hotel should have a room with double beds that are at least two feet apart.


The happy hour is not so happy after all

If you find yourself in North Carolina and have the urge to go for some drinks, there is no point to wait for the happy hour because it doesn’t apply to alcohol, only to food items. Yes, you heard that right! But there is always a bright side… maybe not in this case. Oh wait, alcohol makes you gain weight.  


It’s illegal to borrow your neighbor’s dog

We come with a recommendation, and that is to get your own dog and try not to borrow one from your neighbor, because you can be found guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor if you do this in North Carolina. Come on, we know how much you love animals but borrowing them all the time is not a solution!


You cannot ride a bicycle if you don’t have both of your hands on the handlebars

If you were looking to impress the girl you’ve had a crush on for months and decided to do that by showing her some of your bike stunts, make sure you keep both of your hands on the handlebars. In North Carolina, it is against the law to ride your bike with one hand or even worse, with no hands.

You have to find other ways to impress her without breaking any laws in North Carolina, which can be a bit challenging taking into consideration this multitude of wacky laws this state has.


The font size matters

Those restaurants who have an outdoor seating have to obey a law regarding the size of the fonts on their menus. So, if you are the owner of one (or more) of these restaurants you have to make sure that the menu that you post outside is clearly readable by people from the sidewalk but is not readable by those on the street.

And we feel sorry for those people on the streets because it’s illegal for them to drive their car on the sidewalk to see the menu better.


It’s illegal to drive on the sidewalk

Even if it’s not common to see very specific regulations on the books, North Carolina can be very specific when it comes to laws. For example, you are not allowed to drive on any sidewalk in North Carolina, so try to drive your vehicle on the streets, maybe they are meant for this purpose.

Apparently, not everyone believes that only motor vehicles should be driven on a highway or freeway, as there are people who think that these are perfect for rollerblading. That is why North Carolina passed a law which forbids this action.


It’s illegal to use elephants to plow your land

Okay, so this law is still in effect, but why, more exactly? Oh, we know why! It is still in effect today because there are lots of people who have a lot of land on which they decided to plant cotton. And, instead of using tractors, which are much better suited to plowing, they decided to use their elephants to plow their cotton fields.

Unfortunately for them, in North Carolina, this is against the law, and they have to find different means to plow their lands.


No professional fortune-tellers allowed

We all want to become professional when it comes to our work! Well, North Carolina doesn’t allow fortune-tellers to be professional, they have to pursue this practice as amateurs. If you’ve always dreamed to find out more about your future or to have your palm read by a professional fortune-teller, you will not find one in North Carolina.

Also, to make things even more confusing, North Carolina allows novices to set up their own shop without any restrictions.  


Bingo games should be short

Board games are such a fun way to spend time with your family or friends, but better be careful if you’re playing bingo. Bingo is very popular across the state, especially in retirement homes, senior recreation centers or churches. But, bingo games are not permitted to last more than 5 hours, and also no alcohol is allowed during the game.

Moreover, a person can only play two games in one week, allowing 48 hours between the sessions.