Living in the United States is all fun and games until you stumble across some weird and wacky state laws. Take for instance Nebraska, a state with a total population of around 1.8 million people.

The birthplace of the famous Reuben sandwich and the Kool-Aid soft drink, this state is also the only one in the country with a unicameral legislature. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its fair share of weird laws, out of which we can recall the following:


  1. Barbers can’t have stinky breath

A city ordinance dating back from 1910 states that barbers cannot eat onions between early morning and noon. However, the law doesn’t say anything about other ingredients known for their intense scent, including garlic or fish. At least the state cares about the oral hygiene of its people.

Another thing barbers are forbidden to do? Shaving chest hair in the city of Omaha, which is unfortunate for some people with pilosity problems. Therefore, you will either have to learn to do it on your own, in the comfort of your home or go to another city.

So go ahead and buy yourself some useful Christmas gifts such as a shaving and trimming machine or some waxing strips. Just make sure you keep your chest covered as it is also a felony to run around exposing your shaved chest.



  1. Condoms aren’t sold in shops

It is a bummer living as a teen in Nebraska and wanting to experience your first love and everything that comes with it. The laws in this state say that you are not allowed to purchase condoms anywhere and you can only get them from a doctor. So much for being responsible and taking healthcare education seriously (actually, you can find condoms in most pharmacies or retail shops nowadays, so the origin or validity of the law is uncertain).


  1. People with gonorrhea cannot marry

On the same note, if you have gonorrhea, you cannot legally get married in the state of Nebraska. Perhaps some of these cases would change if people were allowed to get their condoms anywhere, just like the rest of the world? At least this STD is treatable, so you can still get your marriage license after providing clean results of your blood tests.

It turns out that you cannot marry if you have herpes either, so you might as well postpone the wedding until you are clear from any STDs or practice abstinence like any good Christian would do.


  1. It is illegal to fish whales

Unless officials are extremely optimistic about expanding their state borders anytime soon, this law is probably the one that makes sense the least.

Since we are talking about a state located in the middle of the country with no direct access to the ocean, it is virtually impossible to hunt whales simply because they don’t exist around here. At least you can cross one felony off your list.


  1. You cannot have false teeth made of leather

We cannot even begin to understand why this should be put in the state’s official law records, but it is best to have a professional taking care of your oral hygiene.

The good thing is that you are still allowed to express your uniqueness by choosing porcelain, iron, gold, silver, and other materials to make your teeth. The sad thing is that you cannot opt for ones made of leather, which is probably still good news since you won’t be able to use them for chewing or biting food anyway.


  1. It is illegal to fly a plane if you’re drunk

Wasn’t it enough that you aren’t able to drive after a few drinks, now they had to come up with the same rule for planes too? Jokes aside, if you own a fly permit and feel like impressing your girlfriend, make sure you stay sober before getting on the plane.

It goes without saying that the same rule applies to pilots of commercial and military flights.

  1. Donuts without holes

The city of Leigh has a history of roughly over 150 years, and some of its laws date back since then. One of the weirdest we came across in the state of Nebraska was enacted in 1887 and states that donuts are not allowed to have holes in them. So, the question is, are these pastry goods real donuts if they’re full?

However, don’t expect people in the city of Leigh to actually respect this. As history shows, the law has been ignored until it became oblivious and illogical, but it wasn’t until 1997 that it formally disappeared.


  1. Hair perms are illegal

Hair choices are limited for mothers with daughters and perm is out of the question without an official state license. We do see some common sense in this law as there are countless toddler beauty pageants organized in the area with ridiculous and dangerous standards for children so small.

Think heavy makeup, false lashes, fake tans, hair spray, and even teeth whitening strips. Under these circumstances, keeping your daughter’s hair as natural as possible seems like a good idea.


  1. Not all body functions are welcomed in the house of God

Going to the church on Sunday could prove to be risky business for those with bowel problems or who caught the flu. According to the state regulations, sneezing or burping during service may get you in big trouble.

Although we’re pretty sure God would want you in His house anyway, it may be better to avoid the service if you’re not feeling well.


  1. Tipping is the key!

We all know about the 10% service tip all around the country, but Nebraska takes a step forward in defending its waiters and waitresses. According to state regulations, if you fail to tip 10% or more of your order, waitresses can call the police and have you arrested. Make sure to keep that in mind next time you are taking your girlfriend out for dinner!