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Wenzel Smartshade reviews

The Wenzel Smartshade for sale is one of the most popular canopy/tents made by Wenzel today. And included in this Wenzel Smartshade review are the specifications and features that will reflect all of the things that you want to have in a canopy. You may find that this particular unit can meet your expectations and more. You can actually read a lot more review about this product to better inform you so that you can make the best decision in getting the best set of canopy in the market. And reading other customer reviews will make give you an idea, if what you really see online, is what you really get for real.

This particular unit from Wenzel is easy to set up; it would just take a few minutes of putting up the 3 setting on its legs to adjust the height, it can be put up to as high as 76 inches. Guyouts and batwings enable extra security just in cases of windy or other bad weather conditions.

It comes with original arms that are dual stabilizer that you can see in each of the corner of the canopy to enable extra eave security and support.  The buttons included in Wenzel Smartshade deals is easy to release so you can set it up without any hassles and to ensure that you will be able to assemble in the fastest possible time. This particular model from Wensel comes with a wheeled, expandable duffel bag for portability. It would be easy to move even if it weighs 80 lbs.

This unit measurement is 124” height x15ft. weight x10ft. length. Again, even if the canopy can cover a very huge space, it is convenient to install unlike the other models in the market. It provides a portable and secure canopy or shade-tent which is durable and can withstand bad weather conditions. Furthermore, it is made out of highly durable material such as polyester 210 which makes it water repellant.

There are a lot of retail stores that offer Wenzel Smartshade discounted price and you can take advantage of that while it’s still available.

This can be used in both residential and commercial spaces. Plus the look of the tent is not bad at all. But don’t let the elegant look fool you, because this model is very durable.  And it is no wonder why Wenzel Smartshade ratings are still on top. It can be used as a temporary shade for particular events, or maybe cook out at your own place without worrying about the unpredictable weather conditions. Sometimes, it could get too hot and sometimes it rains and both of these situations can be remedies with Wenzel Smartshade canopy or tent.