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Werner MT-22 customer reports


Werner MT-22 reviewsWhen doing home maintenance tasks, one of the most important items to have at home is a ladder. The Werner 22-feet aluminum telescoping multi-position ladder is a reliable item which you will definitely be able to use for different purposes. Read this Werner MT-22 review to learn more about its features.

The new Werner 22-feet ladder is a strong, aluminum-constructed ladder that can be easily turned into 4 different positions such as step ladder, twin step ladder, extension ladder and stairwell ladder. You can also easily store it as it is foldable.

Its aluminum frame makes the ladder sturdy. You can also be sure that your feet are secured while you work with its non-slip treads. Its 22 steps allow you to conveniently access hard to reach places at home. The ladder also features soft push knobs for added convenience.

Many Werner MT-22 customer reports like how secure the ladder is with its hinges and locks. When the hinges are in locked position, the blue plastic knob sticks out from the ladder so that you won’t be able to see the pins. To move it to the open position, you simply need to push the blue plastic ends. The knobs are solid though you can easily push it with the palm of your hand.

The Werner ladder is quite easy to use even for home maintenance newbies. If you are trying to unlock a hinge and it is under some weight though, it might take wiggling to slide it and put it into place. It can be half locked and it will spring fully engaged when you slide the inner ladder to match up the holes. There is also a bit of a ridge around the inner hole. It might not catch perfectly every time but it usually works.

Consumers are satisfied with the ladder. One of the few complaints perhaps is its heavy weight though this is because of its structure. You can also easily move the ladder around as it is foldable and can be placed in a sedan or stored in the garage. It is recommended for homeowners who don’t have an extension ladder at home.

The new Werner ladder is definitely a great item to have at home. It is something that you will be able to use for different home maintenance work. It would be an ideal present for people who are into home projects in time for the holidays. You may want to check out online retail stores as you might find a good deal for it. It would also be more convenient as the item, which can be quite heavy, will be shipped to your place for free or a minimal fee.