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Western Digital WD reviewsFor those people who are looking for a way to be able to increase the reach of their network within their home, at an approximate cost of $100-$120, the remaining parts of this Western Digital WD review will provide you with insights on how this Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit will be the best product to have. With this, you will be able to have high speed network connection for multiple devices. The variety of devices that are available in the market to help you extend your internet connection can prove to be overwhelming. With such, it becomes quite hard to decide what option will give you the best return, or most probably, one that you will not regret buying. Continue reading this article, and you will have an idea on what that option should be.

Among other things, it has been noted in several Western Digital WD customer reports published in the past that one of its features that make it a good option is the ease of its use. You simply need it to plug into a power source, just like any other device inside your house. You will not need any other tool. You will also not need to drill any holes. It lacks the complication of set-up and use, making it a cut above other possible choices.

More so, the speed of its performance should also be highlighted, as it is one thing that defines its superior functionality. It can deliver as much as 200Mbps of speed, which will allow you to stream without any disruption. This will allow users to stream online content, play games, listen to music, and watch movies, among other things, while connected to a wireless network.

This Western Digital WD review will also highlight the multiple connections that are possible with this device. One of the other popular options in the market is the Linksys PLK300. However, it suffers from the limitation in terms of connection, as it only comes with 5 ports. With this device from Western Digital, such issue is resolved as it offers 8 different ports. The connections are all secured, as it offers 128-bit encryption. Because of this high level of security, you can be worry-free when using the connection for online shopping and banking transactions.

In spite of all of the benefits of this device, there were some users who have expressed dissatisfaction over its size. Many find it too bulky, consuming much space at where it is placed. This, however, is just a minor issue. When taken all-together, many have revealed that they are still willing to recommend this device, as it is one of the most powerful they have ever tried. If you would want to be convinced on this claim, read more Western Digital WD customer reports together more information on how you will not regret ending up with this option.