How to Find the Best TOTO Toilets


A Japanese company, TOTO is the largest toilet manufacturer in the world, and all their products are thoroughly tested before being sold to customers. If you are wondering where to buy TOTO toilets, you should know that there are many online and offline locations where these superior, high quality items are sold. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is to always make your purchases from a reputable seller.

Where to Buy TOTO Toilets

Round or elongated?

One of the first aspects to decide on when shopping for a TOTO toilet is whether you want a round or an elongated bowl. Elongated bowls are very popular in the US and homeowners prefer them because they are more comfortable than round bowls. However, if you have a small bathroom, but you need a TOTO toilet, round models are also readily available.


Two piece or one piece model?

TOTO sells many two piece and one piece toilets, and each of these has its advantages. Two piece models are usually cheaper and easy to repair, while one piece toilets are easier to keep clean.


Standard or comfort height?

After you decide on the best place where to buy TOTO toilets, there will be many aspects to consider. Comfort height toilets are the most common, and they measure 17-18 inches from the floor. However, seniors prefer standard height toilets that measure only 15 inches from the floor, because they are more comfortable and safer for the elderly.


What Are the Most Apprecaited TOTO Toilets?


With so many TOTO toilets on the market, choosing the perfect one may feel like an overwhelming task. We want to come to your aid, by presenting you the top three TOTO toilets that are favored by homeowners at the moment. Scoring high in comfort and style, these models could be an easy perfect choice for many buyers.


TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake Toilet


TOTO CST744SL#01 DrakeThis two piece toilet with comfortable elongated bowl is one of the most popular models on the market at the moment. Named the best toilet by the vast majority of buyers, the Drake offers all the convenience and eco-friendly features needed in a modern model.

The first thing you will surely notice about this toilet is its stylish appearance. While functionality and comfort come first for TOTO, style is not neglected either. The chrome plated trip lever seems to be a hit with buyers, since it offers the toilet a classy look and makes it a fine addition to any bathroom.

Quality comes second to none for TOTO and this two piece model is one great proof of this manufacturer’s doctrine. The flushing options available allow you to save water and use only the necessary amount of water for each flush. One gripe homeowners usually have with eco-friendly toilets is that they hardly offer usable flushing power, and multiple flushes are needed to get rid of the waste. This is not the case with TOTO toilets, as they benefit from the latest innovations in the field to help you enjoy the best quality at the best price.

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TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Toilet


2.TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax IIThe next TOTO toilet on our list, another hit with homeowners everywhere, is the Ultramax II. Water efficient, easy to clean and great looking, this TOTO toilet offers everything you need or want in a one piece model.

The elongated bowl is comfortable and you will easily find a toilet seat to fit. The height of the bowl is 17 ¼ inches, which is the usual standard for most US toilets.

You will surely appreciate the Double Cyclone flushing technology this model comes equipped with. While the name may make you think that there is a lot of noise when flushing, actually this model is famous for its quiet operation. With TOTO models, you will always enjoy the most powerful and the quietest flush ever produced by a toilet.

The toilet bowl is easy to clean, as it benefits from another innovation from TOTO. The SanaGloss glazing makes sure that waste doesn’t easily stick to the bowl surface, and flushing it away is usually enough to keep the bowl clean all the time.

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TOTO MS853113#01 Ultimate Toilet


3.TOTO MS853113#01 Ultimate (This sleek, good looking toilet has a round bowl which makes it the ideal choice for a small bathroom. Homeowners with smaller bathrooms often complain that it is really difficult for them to find a smaller toilet that comes equipped with all the modern features expected from toilets today. The TOTO MS853113#01 Ultimate is everything these homeowners need and even something on top.

Two types of flushing are available, for water saving. The Power Gravity Flushing System makes sure that even the most stubborn waste is flushed away and it does so quietly. When you do not need to flush down the entire amount of water available, the Fast Flush option helps you save water and money on your utility bill every month.

The toilet seat is made of a solid, high impact type of plastic. The SoftClose hinge system makes sure that the toilet seat descends over the bowl slowly, so that it doesn’t slam against it, causing noise and discomfort.

A dependable toilet model for small bathroom, this one piece TOTO toilet represents a good investment for any bathroom renovation project.

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