Most Appreciated Tennis Racket from Wilson


2. Wilson Tour SlamBenefits

As stated in the Wilson Tour Slam tennis racket reviews you have the advantage of improved control.

This tennis racket features a lightweight and durable construction that is comfortable for adult and beginning players.

Often considered the best tennis racket from Wilson you will love having more power and stability with your swings.

It features an affordable price and is designed to be comfortable to hold and swing.



Some consumers have noted that the strings on the racket can break after only a few weeks of use. This is usually due to improper storage or repeated heavy hitting, and the strings can be easily replaced at your local sporting goods store.


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Benefits Explained

  • This adult size tennis racket is perfect for beginners or even more experienced players during practice. It is well balanced for maximum control during the swing, and can also prevent the racket from dipping down on a follow through shot. The durable strings also provide additional power and control when you connect with the ball.

1. Wilson Tour Slam

  • You will love the lightweight aluminum construction that is also durable. The strong frame is resistant to rust and corrosion, and is designed to provide additional stability and power with each swing. The durable strings are strung to withstand the stronger hits adults typically give, and to increase the velocity of your shots. The non slip grips fit comfortably in most adult size hands, and you also have the advantage of the attached shock pads that reduce the vibrations felt when the racket connects with the ball.


  • Perfect for beginners and adults who need a durable practice racket, you will love how balanced it feels when you swing it. Every aspect of the racket is designed to put more power behind your swing, so the ball will continuously fly over the net. The strong frame and balanced 3 point strings provide exceptional stability, along with helping to increase your power. Score more points off of your opponent, and learn how to control your shots with this tennis racket.


  • Designed to be comfortable to hold and swing, this racket is also affordably priced. It is manufactured by one of the top names in athletic equipment, and also includes several innovative features that you will only find on a Wilson tennis racket. The innovative frame technology provides you with additional stability and power during your swing, and it also includes shock absorbing pads that prevent the racket’s vibrations from disrupting your concentration.


If you are new to the sport or simply want to brush up on a few skills this might be the best adult tennis racket for you. It features a lightweight and durable construction that is amazingly well balanced, and also extremely comfortable to grip and swing. You will also love how much power and control it can put behind the ball as it consistently sails over the net into your opponent’s space. Perfect for adults and even older teens, it’s easy to see why this tennis racket is a favorite choice with consumers.


Buy from Amazon for ($29.49)