What Is the Best Home Theater Receiver from Yamaha


2. Yamaha RX-V675Benefits

As stated in the Yamaha RX-V675 AV receiver reviews this unit is easy to install, and is compatible with most mobile devices.

Considered the best home theater receiver from Yamaha you will love how clear your movies, music, and shows sound.

You have the advantage of the easy to access controls, along with a convenient remote.

This receiver is affordably priced and includes everything you need to enjoy a home theater experience at home.



It should be noted that this model has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and while this does not affect its performance it is something to consider.


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Benefits Explained

  • You will appreciate how easy it is to connect this AV receiver to your existing equipment, and the built in amp ensures that you always get the highest quality sound without having to constantly switch the cables to the speakers. The USB port is conveniently located on the front so you can easily connect your mobile phone or tablet, and since the sound is transmitted directly to the receiver you never have to worry about annoying distortion or interference.

1. Yamaha RX-V675

  • The powerful 7.2 channel is capable of supporting a variety of formats, and with 192 kHz this receiver can reproduce high definition sound. You also have the advantage of the additional 7.1 channel which eliminates the need for back speakers. With two subwoofers and the innovative music enhancement feature you can easily enjoy a theater quality experience in the comfort of your home.


  • Every aspect of this AV receiver is designed to provide exceptional high definition sound, while still being extremely easy to use. The controls are clearly labeled and placed on the front for convenient access, and you also have the advantage of the included remote. Simply download the programming app from the Google Play or iTunes and use the convenient remote to control all of the functions. You can also use your connected PC or Android device to control the AV receiver and enjoy a variety of online music sites.


  • This AV receiver is not only affordably priced to fit almost any budget it also includes everything you need to start enjoying amazing sounding music and movies in your home. The included Wi-Fi adapter lets you instantly connect to the internet, and this receiver will also support AirPlay. Stream music wirelessly from your PC, Mac, and Android devices, and with the ability to support several formats there is no limit to what you can listen too.


It is not hard to see why this is often considered the best AV receiver with Airplay. It features an affordable price and it is designed to give you a theater quality listening experience in your home. It is easy to connect to your existing equipment, and it also supports most high definition audio formats. Enjoy listening to the wide variety of listening options with AirPlay, and you will also love how easy it is to control with the remote or your Android device.


Buy from Amazon for ($549.95)