Yamaha YTR-8310ZS reviews



Yamaha YTR-8310ZS customer reports


Yamaha YTR-8310ZS reviews

Whether you’re planning to learn to play the trumpet seriously or you’re already an advanced player, a good trumpet is definitely a need. Yamaha YTR-8310ZS trumpet is made by Yamaha partnered with Bobby Shew. Read this Yamaha YTR-8310ZS review.

Yamaha partnered with Bobby Shew to make a trumpet that could make sounds that can play powerful lead or play soft. The result is an amazing.

The design is beautiful because of its silver and lacquer finish. This trumpet is in the key of Bb and has a .445 inch stepped bore. Moreover, it is lightweight so it’s easy to use.  Its leadpipe is a one-piece drawn and made of gold brass so it’s classy looking as well as very durable.

This trumpet also has a 5 inch One piece hammered laser-fused pluzuma welded bell and is made of yellow brass. Not forget to mention, it has a large bell flare. The valves are Monel Piston, a great feature of this trumpet that also ensures good tonal quality. It has hand-lapped pistons and slides, and it has 1st valve slide adjustment on the thumb saddle and also a 3rd valve slide adjustment on the fixed ring.

The case is a deluxe wood case that is lightweight and is easy to carry. It is well-designed to keep your trumpet parts in its proper position. The mouthpiece also has a Yamaha Bobby Shew Signature.

There are two different mouthpieces that come with this trumpet: These are the Bobby Shew lead which is a decent mouthpiece perfect for low-high songs and the other is the Roger Ingram lead.

Yamaha YTR-8310ZS Bobby Shew Trumpet Specifics and Features

–          Key: Bb

–          Bore: .445-inch Stepped Bore

–          Leadpipe: One-Piece Drawn

–          Leadpipe Material: Gold Brass

–          Bell: 5-inch One-Piece Hammered

–          Bell Material: Yellow Brass

–          Valves: Monel Piston

–          1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle

–          3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring

–          Features: One-Piece Drawn Gold Brass Leadpipe; Stepped Bore with Large Bore Tuning Slide; One-Piece Hammered Bell with Large Bell Flair; Lightweight Body Design

–          Case: Deluxe Wood Case

–          Mouthpiece: Yamaha Bobby Shew Signature

–          Finish: Lacquer, Silver


It’s hard to search for a lead trumpet with a wonderful tonal quality that could play in an ensemble or jazz forum. Many have tried this trumpet and have really received great remarks and comments. According to the Yamaha YTR-8310ZS customer reports, from the exterior to the sounds, it’s definitely Yamaha YTR-8310ZS Bobby Shew Trumpet that you must choose most especially if you’re aiming to make high quality music and sound. This trumpet is highly recommended for both beginners and advanced players. The customers were amazed of the sound range of YTR-8310ZS Trumpet as it can go up to D.