Yongnuo YN-560 II S reviews


Yongnuo YN-560 II S customer reports


Yongnuo YN-560 II S reviewsIf you are looking for a flash for your camera, specifically as a alternative to more popular brands like Canon or Nikon, reading this Yongnuo YN-560 II S review will prove to be helpful in ending up with a well-informed decision. The rest of this article will provide you with insights on why this flash will prove to be a good choice.

Many of the Yongnuo YN-560 II S customer reports that were published in the past have noted that this product provides a lot of power to make sure of its superior functionality. In addition, such reports have also noted key differences from the flash model that has been previously introduced by the said manufacturer. Among other things, one of the differences would be that it comes with an all new LCD display that can be seen at the back panel. With this, it will be easier for users to be provided with several information pertaining to zoom step, flash mode, and power level.


In addition, many of its users have also liked the fact that it comes with a multi-mode function, making this product the first Chinese manual flash to be incorporated with such functionality. The main benefit of this feature is that it gives the users the opportunity to fire continuous flashes within a shutter release, which allows the creation of a stroboscopic effect on the image that is being shot. With this, you can be able to surely capture every second of a moving image, such as with a person running, among other moving subjects.

Another feature that is important to be mentioned in this Yongnuo YN-560 II S review would be that it is the first flash model from the manufacturer that is equipped with the ability to notify its users when battery is already low. This can give people enough time to have the battery charged or to prepare for the draining of power, especially when the flash is an essential item in taking pictures.

In many other reviews that were written in the past, its users have commended various things about this product. For instance, there were many who have expressed their satisfaction with the sound indicator that needs out notification when charging is already done. In addition, there were also many users who have liked the fact that it has an improved power saving mode, which results into the more efficient use of battery life. With this, after three minutes of going idle, the flash will automatically turn into sleep mode, making it possible to reduce the consumption of its battery life. Lastly, the overheating protection mechanism that is present in this product has also been lauded by many of its users. This makes sure that your flash is protected and that it will last for a longer period of time, even if it is used frequently.

If you have still not found a good quality flash for your camera, there is no more need to look any further. To be more convinced with its ability to prove itself as a good option, you should read more Yongnuo YN-560 II S customer reports and see why many people have liked this product.