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Zooka Sports ZS740 reviewsBaseball is a great american pass time practiced proudly by our great youth. Whether our children will become proffesionals or not, by practicing this sport they ensure for themselves a good physical development. Also their health can only benefit from it. Training, or better yet pitching hundreds of balls to your son can sometime become realy tiring, especially after a certain age. And if you`re coaching a whole team the problem becomes even more serious. Zooka Sports ZS740 review is going to try to find out if this machine is the right one for you.

First of all this pitching machine is not only for children, it can also be used for full grown players. It comes equipped with a short tripod, but you can order firstly or later a longer tripod too.

The Zooka Sports ZS740 can throw real baseballs at speeds up to 55 mph. The lowest speed at which the pitching machine can throw is 10 mph and it can be adjusted depending on the child`s age or level of training. The top distance is an astonishing 130 feet. No tools are required to set up the machine because of its minimum weight and simple design. It can only throw fastballs. The safty of the user has also been given high regard, so the machine comes equiped with a password protected start-up and a one button shut down. The battery can make 700 pitches at 40 mph untill it runs out and 500 at 55 mph. And it recharges at 80% in 5 hours and it is fully recharged if you leave it to charge overnight. The price is surprisingly affordable comparing to other pitching machines and a 1 year warranty is also included.

Most of the Zooka Sports ZS740 customer reports  have given it five stars, which means top marks. Their childrean have made fast improvments to their game. The realative ease which it can be used is another plus that has been praised by them. Also the machines velocity and accuracy is praised. Not to mention the quality-price ratio, which received a big thumbs up.

So if you are a baseball little league coach or you just want to train you son or just practice this great sport for yourself, I strongly recommend it after making the Zooka Sports ZS740 review. It has a very good battery that can go the extra mile, an affordable price and it is very easy to use. It can throw at high speeds over long distances. Baseball is a truly amazing sport and if you want to practice it in your own back yard with your son, you should have no doubts in purchesing this item.